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2 Kinds of People You Must Not Marry & 1 Kind of Person You Must Marry.

The problem of many marriages today isn’t marriage itself but the kind of people who entered into its contractual agreement. Marriage doesn’t make a man, you only define the kind of marriage you have in relation to who you marry and your personality.

Success in marriage is achieved when two partners are willing to make it work despite the challenges involved coupled with their major source of influence – God, the world or people.

Depending on who/what influences you in the choice of a partner, you need to be careful of not falling victim into the wrong hands. Who you commit your heart to in love will define your experience about marriage and love. Ladies, not all men that comes your way will be the right one. See with your outer and inner eyes. And this also applies to men, even in church circles.

Who are these types of people you shouldn’t marry?

1. World lovers
As a child of God, which I believe you are, you shouldn’t have any business to do in marriage with people who love the world. How do you identify them?

They are haters of God – do not like anything that has to do with God or His things. They don’t have the fear of God. They love the world so dearly that they lust after its things, being driven by the flesh and are controlled by the pride of life.

These people are unbelievers to the core. Marrying an unbeliever is having the devil as your father-in-law. Don’t think you can ever get them to change by marrying them. They can be easily identified by their fruits.

2. Pretenders
The most difficult type of people you must not marry are pretenders. As a believer, they are lukewarm – they are neither hot or cold for God. They are religious but do not have a relationship with God. They see no crime in lifting up holy hands on Sunday but raising it up at the club on Friday night.

One fact about them is that you cannot know their true nature expect God reveals them to you. Although some are sincere about their nature, but it is worse marrying them except you’re of their type. They are difficult to identify because they are like a chameleon.

Which kind of people can you marry?

God Lovers
These are people whose major source of influence in life is God. They will never do anything contrary to His will. They live with the fear of God. They are beyond being religious because they go the extra length to establish a relationship with God. They live by biblical principles rather than on human philosophies or culture.

Because they love God, you wouldn’t have any problem with them IF you also love God.
God lovers have the nature of God. Through the fruit of their character, you can identify them. They are loving (Agape), peaceful, temperate, full of good works, gentle (but not stupid) and so on.

Their life and decisions are not fleshly motivated, humanly opinionated, naturally influenced but they are guided by God. These kind of people exist but the truth is that they are rare.

However, marriage is best enjoyed when partners have a reverence for God in their union. God instituted marriage. He alone can guide you on how best to achieve success and dwell in harmony with your spouse.

Are you contemplating on who to marry?
Pray. Seek wise counsel. Evaluate who you want to marry based on this yardstick – world lovers, pretenders or God lovers.

Mind you, God lovers aren’t perfect but when God masterminds the coming together of His children under the context of marriage, they will surely have a blissful union while following His instructional manual.

However, God must speak even if he/she loves God dearly.
On a final note, two unbelievers may have good marriage, likewise pretenders but the chances are slim that believers and an unbelievers would have a successful marriage. Do not be yoked together with them.

Have you encountered any of these people? Let’s have your views!

By Adeniyi Tim Oluwamayowa.

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