Saturday, 1 October 2016

Happy Independence Nigeria: Peace yo!

How time flies!

We are 56 years old today.

We have many reasons to be thankful; seriously; we do!

I want to base my thankful attitude on the fact that we are on course to be a better, better and better nation everyday. We grew despite our differences to a figure of 17.6 million people. That's a whole lot of black, powerful and beautiful people on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa.

In case you don't know; these are 10 facts about Nigeria:

1. Largest Producers of Crude Oil: 12th largest producer in the world.

2. Has the longest bridge in Africa: The third Mainland Bridge in Lagos (11.8km)

3. Ogun State has the highest number of universities in Nigeria (9 registered ones)

4. Largest diversity of butterfly.

5. Home of Nollywood. (Recently ranked as 2nd largest producers of movies in the world)

6. One of the oldest locations of human existence.

7. Niger River is West Africa's Largest River.

8. Christianity and Islam are the 2 major religions.

9. More than 250 ethnic groups; however 3 dominant tribes (Igbo, Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba: 18%, 29% and 21% respectively)

10. Most populous country in Africa and 8th populous in the world.

The country is the proud of owners of African richest man; Aliko Dangote and the most industrious president and vice president in Africa; Muhammadu Buhari and Yemi Osinbajo.

The country is presently in recession but we thank the Lord we are in good hands and shape as together we will put aside our differences and march into a new, better, proud and changed people of Nigeria.

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo (OST).

Please note:

"My people serve a living God, we are strong, we are intelligent, we are not lazy, and soon we will be the world power nation. You doubt it; you'll miss the blessing!" (OST)

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