Saturday, 15 October 2016


Not too long ago, I made a post of how my students(at the Polytechnic where I lecture), came to look for one of my colleague, and how I got to know how that my students(a particular class) calls refers to me as "DADDY", and calling other lectures by different funny names from " Duhu" (Darkness), to "Wawa" (Fool) etc.

It so happened today that i reported at the office after being away from the office due to my itineraries. The office was a little dusty and dirty so I requested the cleaners to help put it in good shape.

While waiting for the cleaner to finish, a student of mine(graduating student from another class) greeted me and notified me of her class mate who gave birth to a baby boy on the day of my EXAMINATION. She notified me that the entire CLASS (About 250) named the baby Daniels.

Then she added, but we pray he would not be as "HOT" as you are.

I was curious so I inquired further. "Am I HOT?" I asked?

She replied... "You are strict". You are a MAN OF YOUR WORDS she said.

So I inquired again... " But is it not good"?

She replied... "Is very good, but sometimes..."

Before then, another of her class mate was sent by my colleague to me, she got to my office and in the cause of our discussion, she told me how they (in their class) see me as a PRINCIPLED PERSON. She explained... "You don't break the rules for one person... If you say you will do it, you will do it, and if you say you will not do it, you will not do it"

This got me really thinking... People are watching what you do.

Your life is an open book, people read it without your permission.

By Daniels Akpan.

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