Thursday, 6 October 2016

Marry from your church/denomination.

I'm sure you are familiar with this religious myth. But let's examine it a little.

Are there successful marriages in which the partners came from different churches/denominations?

Are there failed marriages in which the partners came from the same church/denomination?

So why do we still hold on to this myth?

One of the reasons I hear is that it makes it easier for the pastor to counsel them when the marriage enters troubled waters.

Now this is indicative of a more fundamental problem; which is that church youths are not being trained to navigate/calm the storms.

They are being programmed to run back to shore where they set sail when a storm arises.
Jesus neither did that nor trained His disciples to do that. He instead rebuked them for their little faith!

I am not against pastoral counsel but I'm against pampering a child to crawl when s/he should be trained to be running!

Another subtle drive behind this idea is religious/denominational inbreeding.

In some cases, ladies are discouraged from marrying from outside the denomination as it will result in a population loss while men do not have a similar strict restriction since it will result to a population increase.

THESE IDEAS ARE CARNAL! They are non-scriptural too! We are all sheep of the same pasture.

The first focus of a true church should be to ensure that Christ is formed in every member.

The second is to NURTURE this new NATURE to the STATURE of the fullness of Jesus.

Two such Christians in a marriage will have less visits to the counselling room of the pastor.

By Nnamdi Ucho.
Edited by Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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