Saturday, 15 October 2016


I greet all Ministers of Gospel of Christ in the Name of thy Lord. You're all doing a great job, keep standing for Christ, your reward await you.

I observe many preach what to do and not how to go about it. When you give out a message like these:

" You liars, adulterers, idolators, fornicators will go to hell. Repent !". Yes, you're telling them their destination(only if they refuse to repent). But what of the other side of the message, what would be there gain if they come to Jesus? How to leave that ungodly acts? Tell them about Kingdom of God, there's a place for them after this world, speak on Eternal Life.

Biblically speaking, Peter told them in Act 2:38-39 what they shall enjoy after their conversion. That popular John 3:16 is still straight forward. It emphasize on eternal life after salvation. Your audience also need it. There's Hell, there's heaven. Tell them about both, not hell only. Please !
¤ You say, Receive Holy Ghost baptism ! How ? You have to mention the steps to take or else it will become a normal saying.

When we say do this-do that, tell them how to do it and the benefit of doing it. Guide them and let them get it right or else your teaching will be less effective. #Today'sBloodTonic

By Yomi Oluwasola O Beloved.

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