Thursday, 3 November 2016

Life Lesson 101: A touching story.

A Touching Story.

“My name is Chuks; I am the only son in my family. It all started when my dad and mom died in a fatal accident. After their deaths, things became very tight for me. I had to stop my education and focus on doing handwork. 

After I successfully gotten a mechanic job, I sent my younger sister to school. I vowed to train her till she graduates from the university. Things were moving well until, my younger sister and I had no issues, we were just like husband and wife. 

After five years of struggle, my younger sister finally got a provisional admission into the university. Not just too long she started her first semester, I received a call from her best friend. She hurriedly told me that Jane had a terrible accident and she has been sent to the school clinic. Immediately I heard this terrible news, I hurriedly left the work I was doing and went home to prepare my visit.

 While I was going there, I was crying bitterly till I reached the school. When I got there behold I saw my only sister, badly injured. She couldn't open her eyes and she was in coma. Please I don't want her to die; she is the only invaluable being I have on earth. “

This and many life stories I often fumble into every day doing my night computer-crawling and one thing remains; life is not a bed of roses and that the struggles of all men begin at birth but a man with Christ is more than a conqueror!

Edited by Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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