Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Relationship Crossroads #1 – He Wants Sex Before Marriage.

There are certain areas in life where people found themselves in a fix between making the right decision or compromising their stands. As little as they’d appear, the decision you’d make in this situation could either make or mar your life and future.
One of these crossroads is the area of upholding your sexual purity or values.

As a lady reading this, are you between crossroads in this regard?

Let me guide you. I know you love him but you also love God even though you don’t know whose side you’ll stand.

Consider the following consequences if you say YES to him.

1. If he has sex with you and you later found out that he cheats on you, how would you feel?

2. If after you’ve given him your body and you contacted sexual transmitted diseases, would he still love you?

3. Oh, he promised to use condom but after the whole event, you found out that you’re pregnant. Will you abort? Will he take responsibility for the pregnancy?

4. If after having sex with you and he tags you to be too cheap, name calls you, and blame you; would you have a say?

5. What if he says he cannot continue the relationship with you that he needs to move on with his life. How would you feel after giving him your body?

My dear, you need to be smart because there are lots of players out there. Even in the church, they are without numbers. The choice is yours to take your stand and be firm on it. Don’t be a loser.
Now, what’s stopping you from saying NO?

1. Are you afraid of loosing him?

2. Do you think you wouldn’t find another man to love you?

3. Do you think he will say you didn’t love him because you can’t prove that in bed?

The ball is in your court. I’ll strongly advice that you say NO, not because you don’t love him or don’t like sex; but because you love God more than him and you would honor Him and wouldn’t want to destroy your body.

Don’t be worried because age isn’t on your side. God has His way of rewarding His faithful daughters. I can understand that some ‘voices’ are telling you to give in but remember, none of them will stand by you when you bear the consequence alone. Not even him.

Sex before marriage is an outright evil whether you call it a norm or a 21st century thing. You cannot escape it’s consequences if you dance to the tune.

Think of your life, health and future if you compromise. It is better you avoid it’s consequences than to face it.

You cannot bear the emotional pain, guilt, evil soul ties, spiritual related issues, psychological imbalances and other numerous things that comes with disobeying God’s command. Trust me, I’m not making you scared, but it’s not worth becoming a victim.

Know this, you won’t have anything to loose if you say NO. No consequence to suffer. No shame. You’ll know players from real men and don’t confuse love with sex. That everybody is doing it doesn’t make right before God. Honor God rather please him.

Are you relieved or encouraged? Share your thoughts on this.

By Adeniyi Tim Oluwamayowa.

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