Monday, 14 November 2016

Sex is a Parcel, Marriage is the key.

Our Boxing Day.

Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated the day following Christmas day, when servants, workers,friend and family open the gift they receive on Christmas day.

Traditionally, when they offer one a present on Christmas day or Christmas Eve, one is expected to wait till after Christmas to open the gift on the 26th or 27 which is called 'Boxing day'.

A man gave his servant a very beautiful parcel he said to him ' This is surely yours, but you can only see it if you are able to work hard to earn a land in this kingdom, keep it, don't open it'

So this man worked harder and harder because he was anxious to open the package, he imagine a whole lot of things inside...

The box is very very big, it could be a ounces of Gold Or sterling slivers, he could be something very big He thought to himself The more eager he gets to open the parcel the more harder he works to earn a land.

He placed the parcel on a stool beside his door. Each time he looks @ the parcel he feels motivated.
He worked for four years to get a land. Normally, it's takes 6 years or more for a servant to get a land but because of how hard he worked he got it two years earlier.

When he finally earned the land. His master told him to open the parcel. He unravelled the big box and inside he saw a smaller box, he opened it and inside has a more smaller box. He unravelled it to the smallest box.

He was already getting disappointed because as big as the parcel looks they were just small small smaller empty boxes inside. Till he got to the smallest box and have open on it. When he opened it he saw a paper and opened the paper the paper and saw list of numbers, and then there also a small box inside again. That reads 'open' inside has a very bright diamond. He read the paper......

'You came to me without a home, you said u wanted a home, I knew u didn't need a home yet. Because if I give you a home. You will have no job to sustain it so i gave you a job to make a home. While you work I already gave you all you need a build a home u just have to wait and work first before you can build a home.

These are list of workers who have been assigned to build your house for you. Now you have a job you can now have a home. If you had opened this parcel before u got a land. These workers wouldn't have worked for u, because I won't build your house for you. It's Good you wait for the right time.

Moral lessons:
When God created Adam he gave him a Job (to tend and keep the garden of Eden) before he gave him a wife... Gen 2:15,

The master gave him a job before he gave him a home

He asked him to wait for the right time to open the parcel, if we defile our marriage I.e open the parcel before the right time. Will we seize God from building our home.

The same way the man Worked and waited for the right time to open the parcel, Is the same way we should wait for the right time(marriage) to open the parcel (sex) and while we are waiting we should be 'working'
Because you love a lady and she is God's parcel for you, that should motivate you to get something doing! So you can marry her. Instead of looking for how to lure her to your bed...... Really!! after sex??.... What next???

God loves sex that why he created it, he gave it as a gift between a man and a woman. But the the license you need to open it is 'marriage' just like the man needed a land to open his parcel. You need to be marriage to have sex!!

God has given us sexuality as a parcel but you cant open it because you need to work hard to earn marriage.
Don't look @ the outward appearance to judge a man, don't measure his worth by his wealth. But by his character and his closeness to God. To the guys, stop looking for a lady with figure 8, figure 3, Figure 6 or 9.
All these things are like the empty big boxes the real content was in a small box. The real content of a lady is Her character and her relationship with God. Prov 31:30.

If you have opened your parcel, you can still wrapped it all up. Ask God for mercy and wait. Mercy is available for you

God has given us a Christmas box. We just have to wait for the Boxing Day to open it. Because I want God to build my home I will wait and work and keep my parcel tight till I am married. How about you?? Heb 13:4

By Miriam Moyse Peculiar .

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