Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Where to watch out for in Braamfontein in the coming year.

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We continue to bring daily events, stories, words of advice, encouragement, motivation, scintillating life experiences on Braamfontein Alive; our community online presence.

We want to thank as many as those that have made this year a remarkable one for us at Unicorn Online Media.

Unicorn Online Media is an online media entity that is still in the pipeline and we hope through our 10 online platforms we are able
to lead you right especially through our community platform: Braamfontein Alive while praying that the coming year would concrete our idea in the central suburb of Johannesburg to further create opportunities to work with young and talented entrepreneurs alike, young and vibrant students enabling influential and useful network amongst professionals.

We hope to better serve you in 2017 and indulge you where we believe opportunities are awaiting people.

With more and more doors opening for people to learn, work, stay, enjoy and connect. We believe Braamfontein would continue to be home to many entrepreneurs, professionals, vibrant students and so on and we believe in 2017 our community would be more open to diverse opportunities for as many as those that are on the lookout for it.

As we see many of our beloved students move out we cannot but wish them a wonderful holidays.

As for us, we are still here till 16th December, 2016 when we will finally put our pen and paper to rest and launch into the festive holidays mood.

Till then; keep enjoying the rest of what we do and follows us on all our social media platforms:

3. "Business & Finance":

By Olagunju Success Taiwo.

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