Sunday, 4 December 2016

Adidas Runners RYC: What a success!

It was  a huge success as Adidas Runners RYC's event came to a beautiful end on late Saturday. The race which started in Newtown and pierces through the heart of Braamfontein with refreshment point close to Audi Braamfontein; bring so much side-attractions as the year comes to an end.

Group of runners; both men and women feel both tired and refreshed, an irony of what life entails. The way you start a race is
equally important as you finished in everything if don't start strong remember to finish strong.

The lesson learnt from the race can be likened to life with different people trying to achieve a common goal of reaching the finish line of glory and recognition. Though, there are many contenders but only one can be a champion because some fall along the way, some get too weary, some lost the sight of the finish line and some stay
focused until finish line.

The strength of a runner lies within his zeal of overcoming many hurdles during preparation for the race, before the beginning of it, during the the kick off, how a runner maintains his focus through perseverance, and how a runner optimizes his speed without running of steam. It is believed that what separates a winner from others is this thin imaginary line of "I can get there earlier!"

I don't know which race of life you are in and how you started it but winning a race is more than preparation.

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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