Saturday, 10 December 2016

How I Was Delivered From Pornography, Masturbation And Other Secret Sins.

A slave has no choice of his own other than to serve the interest of his master.

This perfectly describes the situation I was when I was under the influence of sin. 

There was a point in my life when I was so enslaved by PMO. Don't think twice, it's simply pornography, masturbation and other secret sins.

I didn't commit all of them in a stretch but in succession. 
It first started with masturbation, I remembered fully well how I was involved in it by rushing into the bathroom to have a quickie. It was first pleasurable but it latter became painful and I hated myself after every act. 
How do I overcome masturbation? 

I was delivered by God when I gave my life to Christ and I became involved in the things of God. You're not likely to overcome masturbation if you rely on your effort, you need to first come to Christ as He did invite everyone (Matt. 11:28). 

All of these happened several years before I gained admission into the university. 
Fast forward...
My life as an undergraduate took a different turn when I got access to an Internet enabled phone and movies.

I clearly remembered the first site I was curious to visit because of the similarity in its alphabet. 
I derived so much pleasure in watching those romance movie and pornography sites.

Did I enjoyed it? Yes my carnal self did during those act but weeks later, I hated myself as it becomes difficult to get off those scenes from my mind. 

I was a Christian during this period but I wasn't rooted in faith. I don't miss Sunday service as much as weekly ones, yet, pornography was eating deep into my mind.

I still go to church but I was an unrepentant sinner. I never came out for altar call because my heart was waxed up in self-righteousness - after all, I didn't smoke, drink, club, womanize or had girlfriends. 
Victory over pornography came after I rededicated my life to Christ.

It wasn't automatic because I kept seeing indecent dressing from ladies and sometimes I stumbled into those movies that stimulate lust. But the more I get closer to God, the more I have power to overcome lust in my heart. 

Immediately I see a movie and it begins to have sensual scenes, the Holy Spirit would nudge me to desist. Sometimes I rebelled but the more my love for God increased, the greater I yield myself as an instrument of righteousness to God. I then became obedient to Him and not a slave to sin. 

How did I got involved with secret sin? What is the secret sin?
A secret sin is a sin which you commit that no one else knows about but your conscience is fully aware.

They are sins which no one would least expect you to be its victim. But as much as its unknown to men, it's so open before God. 

In my own case, my secret sin was engaging in erotic conversations with the opposite sex. Not one person knew about it.

I was known to be a saint but deep within, God and my conscience adjudged me to be a sinner.
This happened through those frequent chat with the opposite sex on one of the social media apps (Whatsapp, BBM, 2go etc).

Sex chatting was the secret sin that ate me deep. Dirty talks and the likes were the things I found pleasure in doing. I was known to be single but living like married people with those whom we engaged in secret sin.

It took a while before I could fully get over it. Most times, I rise and fall into the act but I wasn't pleased with such state of life. My sinful state and the flesh made it seem as if no one can be completely free from sin. But having known better, I knew that was the voice of deception by the enemy. 

To the glory of God and the shame of the devil, permanent victory came from all these addiction to PMO.

(A true life confession from a delivered sinner) 
Are you a victim of any of these sins? Yes! You can be free from pornography, masturbation and other secret sins that silently hold many in bondage.

All that you need to do is to ask for His forgiveness, repent and get closer to God. 
Does it stop there?

Nay, you have to flee all appearance of evil. Be disciplined enough to shun all pornographic materials and any relationship that causes you to indulge in secret sin. Above all, destroy every stronghold of lust in your heart through prayer, His word and blood.

Remember, sin is pleasurable but its effect is death and eternal destruction if you remain unrepentant.

© Mayowa Adeniyi 2016

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