Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Community members: Please take note!

Music Enlightenment Project (MEP), is a section 21 non-profit organisation, located on Juta Street in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. 

For over 8 years, MEP has provided extra-curricular music education to children from Braamfontein and the inner city of Johannesburg. Through music education, MEP creates a platform for children (who would otherwise not have the opportunity) to develop musically, thereby enhancing their social, emotional and intellectual development, as well. We believe that essential life skills, such as patience, tolerance, understanding, acceptance, critical thinking and emotional intelligence, can be taught through the environments and interaction that music education provides. These are skills that are integral to becoming a successful and well-rounded human being, regardless of the career paths one chooses. Our driving goal is to instill these skills and beliefs in the kids that come through MEP, as well as a love and appreciation for music, dance, expression and cultures of all forms. 

The Space: Our New Home 

Since inception in 2009, MEP has worked with children from more than five schools around the inner city with commendable results. However, without our personal home office and a physical identity, it has been challenging to grow the project to its full potential. The donation of a venue by Billion Group (a property company) is now changing this story and giving us a better hope for the future of our project. 

For our Open Day on the 28th of January at 12:00, we are inviting parents, children and everyone else interested in some personal musical development to come and see our offerings, and hopefully sign up with us. Though this venue still needs a lot of work, we have been able to put it in a basic shape that will allow us start some teaching activities from the 30th of January while we continue to build. 

We hope to become a community centre - a Space - where children, young adults and matured adults can be free to develop and express their creative abilities in a safe environment. 

MEP Team 

For further inquiries, please contact us on 081 000 2891

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