Friday, 6 January 2017

Don't Marry a Weak Woman.

One of the greatest disadvantage any man can have in his life is to be married to a weak woman: a woman who gives him sex before marriage out of the fear of loosing him; a woman who tolerates him acting like a boy; living in adultery and ship-wrecking his own destiny.

Blessed is the man who is married to a strong woman: a woman who confronts him on his sins and weaknesses not out of fear and her own selfish needs but out of respect for the greatness she sees in him. 

A woman who insists and demands that her husband stands up and fulfill his potentials. She's a woman who grieves his betrayal of her love but is more pained by his backsliding.

Such a woman is not just a wife, for the man, it's like having a second Paraclete. She is a partner with the Holy Spirit in ensuring that her man lives to his highest potentials, she is his help meet 
(his destiny facilitator). 

Where are such women? 

May God give my sons such women to marry. Blessed

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