Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Seeds and Weeds.

They sprout wherever there is available space. They are unwanted and unsolicited for, peculiar in their ways, they overpower and eventually send the seed plant into extinction. They are weeds!

Seeds germinate under favourable conditions, require special care to grow and yield well. There must be constant practices to keep up their growth. They can be very delicate!

Weeds don't wait for the planting season to emerge, it requires the husbandman to be hardworking and watching out.

The husbandman knows the implication of leaving his farm untended. Weeds will strike out seeds at any time.

That's the irony of life.

Life itself is a perfect mixture of the seed and the weed.

Our Christian life thrives much on this simple analogy.

Christ Himself is interested in farmers...

Weeds- the negatives and vanities of life don't require our consent to manifest. Habits, feelings and thoughts that suck out virtues and wreck lives don't write letters of permission.

Seeds- the visions, purpose, propellants of destinies, virtues, faith, love will need to be reinforced over and over again. Leaving them to the mercy of the negatives will wipe them out, it is a conscious effort to be good, do good and live good.


There is a panacea!

He monitors the landscape of your farm- your life.

Till your ground- your future.

Shed your leaves- your present.

Tends your plants- your virtues.

Irrigate your land- your prospects.

Process your output- your principles.

Go for an Accessible Relationship, you will experience an Automatic Redirection and Repositioning.

The struggle between seeds and weeds becomes history. His seed lives in you, weeds gets no chance.
Jesus is the answer to the problems of the world today.

Have a blessed day.

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