Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Imagination is a key frame in the school of success; foundational and critical!

You cannot travel within and stand without. Imagination is the vehicle that carry us from one phase in life to another. If you never imagine to go to a university you will not have any reason to strive to pass all the requisite exams. You will first imagine to be in the university first before you ever step into the four walls.

Success is built on imagination. Whatever you do not imagine you cannot work towards. Before you ever think of going to USA you will firstly have to imagine it.

Imagination is not the same as wishing. Wishing for a success is a casual procedure of a thought in a flight but imagination is deep pondering until an image is formed within you. Remember: image is the root word from which imagination is derived.

Children are better with imagination, this is why children's journey are smoother than adult. The older we grow the more we are engrossed with much busyness that we rarely have time to reflect and create new mental images. To most people their job is the dead end of growth. Promotion that counts on years of service without recourse to creativity, innovation, and impact is like a castle in the air. Adults often plateau in achievements not because there are no new heights to attain, but because they rarely have the time to create new pictures for a new height.

Without new images, progress cannot be realized.
This is why many adult caught in the web of survival race and the rat race keep running on a spot for thirty five years on the same job and worst of it all without new skills. Why a man will do the same thing for so long and be contented at the same time is because he has no newer images created from his imagination.

When new image is set a man leaves his old comfort zone in pursuit of his new image. A man could be comfortable living in a shabby environment and laying his head at night in creaky bed for so long years without a feeling of dissatisfaction; but a new fire is set in him the day he could think that he can attain to a new status where he owns a house tastefully furnished for royalty.

You can't pursue a dream you can't imagine firsthand. Have the time set aside to imagine great things: imagine that you are the answer to your world. Don't underestimate what you could do or the new height of status awaiting you. Imagine it that you are equal with royalties.

In the school of success, you will achieve to the proportion of the clarity and size of your image. This two things are expedient and interconnected: the clarity and size of your imagination. If you have a big dream without clarity you are not going to make much impression in life.

Often, it is better to have a a small imagination with clarity than a big vision without clarity because he has much chances to achieve his dream who is clear of where he is going. With every streak of success he is motivated to enlarge his vision. On the other hand, the man with hazy imagination is much likely to fail; and the bigger his vision the bigger his fall. And he may lose all motivations and never have the will to rise again.

Imagination is a major frame for success.
How well do you run your imagination? Your imagination is the prototype of your reality. Your imagination is like the film negative from which your reality is formed; it is the compass of your life, where your imagination faces is where your life will gravitate to.

What you do not own in your imagination you cannot own in your reality. And the beauty of it all is that imagination is free. You can imagine to own billions in money without penalty, you can imagine to be married to the most graceful prince or princess without being charged for it; and in running your imagination deep you are inching towards your object of imagination.

Imagine out of this world idea, the world problems have not yet all received answer. Your best is yet to be unravelled. You can own a conglomerate and have impact that is global. It is possible.

Think your way to greatness.


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