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According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, framework is defined as the parts of a building or an object that support its weight and gives it shape.

The second definition states it as a set of beliefs, ideas or rules that is used as the basis for making judgements, decisions, etc.

The third definition defines it as the structure of a particular system.

Combining the three definition into one, we can apply it here as the structure upon which success is built. In other words, I am presenting to you the frames upon which success is built. These frames are rules or principles upon which success is derived. They are constant, certain and unchanging. Whosoever has these set of frames is already a success, a being whose life automatically emits, transmits and expresses success in its various form.

In addition, we need to understand that success has various form. You succeed in the area wherein you apply the frameworks to. You can use the frames to work on your finance, relationship, health, marriage, business, career, spiritual life, faith and lifestyle. Think of any area of life, you can use the concept of The Frameworks for Success to deal with such.

What area of your life do you want to change? What height do you intend achieving and what size of dreams do you want to accomplish in your lifetime? What is your definition of success?


The frame of time tells you that the future is now if I take concerted actions now... what I want in the future is possible right now though in its seed form. Every stage of a growing seed is on its own a successful outcome though it may take years to bear fruits. Most people see only the fruit of people's endeavour as the success forgetting that every activity including to the mistakes along the way create the complete expression of success.

Seed not sown remain alone and ultimately dies, and the longer it takes to sow your seed the longer it takes to express your successful end. 

Sow your seed now! Make that move, initiate the vital decision, success began to unfold immediately the first step is taken.
The average person out there see a future of bliss, they see every good thing that will ever happen to them as futuristic. 

Their joy, achievement and success are all dreams of the future. The average man on the earth will never know any outstanding success no matter what they do because success is to be attained sometime in the future when something somewhere and somehow happens.

Real success is an evolving frame that starts now. Success accumulates and grows like a snowball, many people lose sight of the trickles of success that ought to build up. When you see a really successful person, you have before you someone who has made many small unnoticeable successes in small things before now.

The big success will not come someday until you make a move now.

One of the rules you must change to become successful is to move from the futuristic thinkers to the NOW thinkers. All the great things you want for the future can be wired into you as if they are already in place. Make the future and now fuse together and inseparable, make them one; rolled together.

See yourself already a success living out and expressing the success you are.This is a major alignment of mind you must settle deep within you. When you align your success to now, your mind, the people and the universe begin to help you to express what you are in the physical form.


Whatever you want for the future must begin now, to keep postponing is a sign that you are not keen about embracing the success you want. There is always something you can do today to add up cumulatively to the height you intend attaining. Today is a part of the ladder into the future.

Outstanding people deliberately do something everyday to enhance their greatest drive or aspiration.

* Make the commitment to make today the beginning

Tell yourself something like these:

From today, I make the commitment to begin to enjoy my marriage.

From today, I am living my dream.

From today, I am beginning on this project ____________

Whatever you are not committed to start working on today is not a passion you strongly believe in.The first pivot for success is knowing that success begins now.

Many people believe that one day in the future they will become what they want. They will have the money, become happy, or measure up to the kind of success they want. If you want to own a big business, see yourself as having it now; behave as if you already own it. Check out royalty, before they ever become kings you already see the flavour of royalty around them. You will rarely see a society pick from among the ragtag base fellows to become kings.

Walk the vision, do the vision and walk out the mission starting now. In behaving I am not telling you to pretend to be but deep within you live it out now in your imagination and disposition. Put on the character of the success you want to express.

If you want a happy marriage, don't wait until your spouse do what you want, live as if he or she is already doing that which you want. This will make you act right and in due season you will reap the right behaviour you want. Start the move now!

If you want to be a future champion, find out what the champions do, their lifestyles and how they live; don't wait to live in that order when you become one, live thus now. In talking about lifestyle I'm not talking about material expenditures, showmanship or excesses of whatever kind; I'm talking more about a lifestyle that flows from the inner frame of mind.

In doing you become. If you don't make the decision to start now you may never attain the new state. Let's look at this instance, happiness is a choice, if you will always wait for circumstances to form you will live the good part of your life in sorrow, frustrations and depression. You can choose to be happy a good part of the day without any 'special' happenings. 

You can be happy NOW if you chose to, so you can be incredibly successful NOW all the same.
So it is about success, you can choose to put on a successful outlook everyday of your life. From today chose to put on a successful outlook, think it, say it and live it out now. This should start now.

Now you can make your marriage to work, now you can begin working on the new income bracket...


The only impossible journey is the one you did not start.

Note: If your life is going to change significantly after the program, you have to put off the old thinking and embrace The Frameworks for Success 100%. It depends ultimately on you and how badly you want to succeed in life.

As we end this frame, ask me any question through WhatsApp for clarifications or support of any kind on some personal issues.


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