Sunday, 29 January 2017

Adeniyi Tim Oluwamayowa: What Else Can I Say?

Honestly, I don't know where to start? Foremost, I thank God for the privilege and the divine grace He has given me to be a blessing. Sincerely I don't merit it but by the election of grace, He bestowed such privilege upon me freely.
I thank God for everyone who has taken out their time (amidst busy schedule) to wish me well yesterday. The tags, the mentions, the inbox messages, the prayers, the 'uneatable' cakes, the calls, even the ones I missed; the text messages and unheard prayers. You made yesterday a busy day for me on Facebook and it was borne out of love.

Yesterday wasn't just an ordinary birthday, it was an added year which one ought to reckon with (let me leave that to your guesses). I overstay my offline time just to ensure I attended to every wishes and prayers.

My prayers for everyone who wished me well and for those who are reading this:

May you not be a failure in life,
Where others fail, you will succeed,
Your life shall not be cut short at the prime of your glory,
The agenda of the enemy shall not prevail over your life,
And above all, your desire for God shall consume you to the extent that people will ask for the God you serve when they see His glory in your life.
One lesson I learned yesterday and which I'd like to share with you is this...
Amongst the calls I receive yesterday, my 'sweetheart' didn't wish me a happy birthday. We spoke yesterday but she completely forgot. The devil wanted to preach to me about it but the Holy Spirit gave me a comforting sermon concerning it.
No matter how important, special and highly esteem anyone might be in your life, don't place God as the least of your priority in life. God first! Others next! But wisdom is profitable to direct. Let Him be your first and dearest lover who won't disappoint you.
The bottom line of this lesson is that, first find a friend in Jesus before you find a friend amongst men. Men will disappoint you: some, not willfully, some deliberately and others will because they're just human.
Thank you sooooo much for your well wishes yesterday. E se pupo. Nagode. Merci bouque. Obrigado. I pray more for the grace to continually become a blessing to everyone in Jesus name.
Your brother, 

Mayowa Adeniyi 2017

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