Tuesday, 21 February 2017

An Airplane.

An airplane is what so many people believe is the fastest means of getting to their destinations. Really, it is. But you don't just walk into an airport and sit on any plane expecting to get to your destination. There are certain processes you take before getting into an airplane if you are to get to where you are going. 

You will need to know the plane that is heading to your location and the time it will take off. You will need to buy a ticket to fly with an airplane of your choice. It is your sole responsibility to determine which airplane to fly with. Some airplanes' tickets are so cheap that poor people love traveling with them. Most of these cheap airplanes are old airplanes and they are the ones making hellish noises that a whole class of kindergarten pupils will run out of class believing another September 11 is about to occur. Some airplanes are flying coffins and they land people not in their destinations but into the graves.

Most planes are owned by government, private companies or individuals. Planes run and fly. 

In the year 2017, if you have never boarded a plane before, you will fly with the one that will take you to your destination without crash landing in Jesus name. Cheiii! I heard what you've just said. You said how about us that do board planes often? In 2017, your planes will not be declared missing in Jesus name.

As there are physical planes so are there spiritual planes. Some people in 2017, will decide to travel throughout the year with the planes owned by the devil. These are the sets of people that you will see in beer parlors drinking alcoholic drinks at midnight. Some will be fornicating in hotels declaring their full allegiance to the devil. They are boarding a spiritual airplane that is heading for collision and their pilot is the devil. 

Pilots are better than each others. Go and find out.If you still fornicate, commit adultery, backbite, gossip, steal, hate etc, it is a clear sign that the pilot of your heart is the devil and you will need to terminate his appointment immediately by confessing and forsaking those sins and inviting the Lord Jesus to come into your heart to become your Lord and saviour. He will pilot you into your destination in 2017 without crash-landing you.

You have to decide now who to pilot you now and for ever. Is it Jesus Christ or the devil? As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and He alone will pilot us through 2017, Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil. In 2017, He will prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemies. He will anoint our head with the Holy Ghost and with power until our cups are full and run over with blessings. Surely, certainly, assuredly, goodness and mercies shall follow us, I mean all those that have decided to accept Jesus as their personal LORD and SAVIOUR, all the days of our live

By Thomas Ime.

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