Monday, 13 February 2017

“I Miss My Period”: When Does it Become A Good News or a Bad One?

Telling a man (Your Husband) you missed your menstrual cycle for the first time, ought to be some real good news, and thus, A BIG REASON TO REJOICE – To make a toast or have a good treat. Beyond that, it would prove to him that he’s not only a man but a father in the making who’s glad that you’re carrying his baby.

Sadly, reverse would be the case dear lady, when he shouts at you, mistreat you or tell you to remove that ‘thing’ because he’s not ready to father a child but ready to make you a mother of a dead or alive child. Do NOT let yours be A BAD NEWS to some mediocre guy or a man who never appreciates you but ravished with your body.

Now ponder on these questions…

When you adequately satisfy the evil cravings of the flesh and you missed your menstrual cycle…Who does? Male or Female?

If anyone begins to panic from such discovery (the missed cycle)…Who badly panics with high body temp or its other symptoms?

If anyone begins to sink with guilt and regrets, who does more? If anyone gets pregnant outside the divine covering ordained by the Lord, namely, Marriage, Who gets pregnant?

If the culprit-guy responsible denies paternity….who gets deserted, broken and cheated upon? If anyone gets an evil counsel to get an abortion…To MURDER a precious life just to cover up; you agree to this demonic counsel, lose a vital organ or die in the process…Who dies? And who’s likely to meet with the devil in hell while he becomes born again after your demise?

The dude who ranted much, promising heaven and earth, who promised to die for you when he was drooling all over you will probably be chilling with some other girl. He will even say it to you that you’re loose and you caused it.

Lady, wake up from your awful slumber! If you did not die during the abortion, but suffered severe complications, who suffers this?

If a report is given that the womb has been destroyed and will not be able to conceive again…Who gets that ugly report and lives with it forever? And whose womb is it by the way?

If you honourably decide to face the consequences of your sin, absurdity/folly, and decide to shamefully keep your baby..Who bares the whole stigma? Who bares all the stress alone? Who gets so lonely? (Unlike legally married ladies who get really pampered by their husbands).

Who gets badly depressed and suffers acute depression? Who gets pointed at in the neighbourhood, church, all round the whole place? If the said guy totally refuses paternity and someone has to raise a baby alone, who becomes this single parent?

Who bares all the cost (financial, physical, spiritual responsibilities? Who becomes a teen mom or a single mom? Who suffers stigmatization from peers? Who gets really vulnerable and more prone to danger?

Listen, amidst all the pressure, pain, shame, embarrassment, responsibilities, etc… This culprit-guy would stroll out of your life with great pride and disappear into thin air, moving on to better his own life. In fact you have boosted his manhood and pride as having the capacity to make a woman pregnant.

Then! you’ll be left to face the whole drama ALONE while you become an object of mockery among his friends and yours.

Dear young lady out there, please LISTEN to this if you care to. The fact that the politically correct society will exonerate the guy who had a carnal affair with you, and focus on just you as the main culprit should convict you and hit some great sense into your head!

Lady, the fear of defiling God’s temple, your body, plus, the above instances, should egg you on to say to yourself that you won’t be sweet-talked, lured, blackmailed, and messed away by some dude who don’t even understand LIFE or cherish a woman.

Don’t be the one ranting this nonsense… “I don’t want to loose my boyfriend… I’ll just do whatever he wants, to KEEP him”. PLEASE, hush a while and go peruse the world records! NO place has any woman being able to keep or rather, CAGE a man with sex!

And are you out there saying “I need to use what I have to get what I want” hey…Listen up real good lady, you won’t only get what your flesh wants; you will also get WHAT YOU NEVER BARGAINED FOR. The STDs that abound out there are NOT written on people’s faces, hope you know?

Over and again, you have been told- Sex is a covenant! Don’t try to fine tune it, you can NOT be wiser than the Creator, God, The Almighty!

Dear Lady, I hope you can now clearly see you will awfully be at the receiving end more than any other? So then, why not just get you some dignity and value?

Prayerfully work at delaying gratification and graciously exercise the fruit of the spirit – Patience, until that awesome day ABBA Father joins you with that one special man He has long designed for you!

I miss my period shouldn’t be a bad news when you say it to someone who truly deserves your life rather than ‘enjoy’ you for a while. My dear, be brained and don’t be brainwashed because “Had I know” cannot remove its consequence.

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