Thursday, 23 February 2017

Joke of the Week: Olanrewaju Precious Jemiriye.

Joke 1:

Dating a slim/ slender guy is cool. 

The problem is when you lying on his chest then his ribs draw adidas lines on your face.

When parents have daughters who are teenagers you will find that they have a fence around their house with a sign "Beware of Dogs”.

Then when the daughter are in their twenties because parents want them to be married now the sign on the gate changes to "Chickens for Sale”.

Joke 2:

Please where is Eedris Abdul Kareem?

 Make e come sing Nigeria #jaga_jaga remix ooo. 

How will someone put garden egg inside egg- roll?

Joke 3:

E get one particular restaurant wey i dey go chop 4 Lekki, Lagos. E get one Oyinbo wey dey always come chop there too...

Anytime dis oyinbo chop finish, he go shout ''Hey'', so I wonder wetin dey make am shout. Na so I say make i chop wetin d oyinbo dey always chop so maybe me self go shout too. When I reach d restaurant d following evening, I order wetin d man dey chop. Dem tell me say na chicken pepper soup & red wine, so i chop am finish, i no shout. 

I collect extra plate, but i no still shout. I say dis Oyinbo na mumu o, wetin dey make am shout like dat? D peppe no even peppe sef. Na so i just vex ask 4 my bill. The waiter tell me say one plate of chicken peppe soup & red wine na N75,000 then d extra plate too na another N75,000. Na so I shout hey! heyy!! heyyy!!! 

As I commot for d restaurant I shout hey, inside bus Wey I enter I just dey shout hey, as I reach house ,my people ask me say wetin happen? Na hey! I shout. Any time I see chicken i go shout hey!....Up till now sef, I still dey shout .... ooo

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