Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Memory Full!

Most of you out there knows what this means.When you keep on storing information on your hard disc or your memory card, once your disc is full, you will be seeing warnings like this. Any attempt to further load the disc without deleting some unwanted applications or information, will make the disc to be corrupted or even crash. Because you have store so many applications, songs, videos, data, games etc, on your hard disc, many viruses will also be in that hard disc if you do not have an up-to-date anti-virus application. This may result in your computer system responding slowly to your commands and even booting slowly. If you do not treat this problem quickly, the hard disc of your computer system may crash. Crashing means loosing all the information in that system.

I am writing this to inform you that due to all the things you stored in your system, the worries,challenges,stresses, sins that you played like games, etc that all these things are slowing down the responses of God to your prayers. Things like Malice, drunkenness, fornication, adultery, hatred, stealing, lies, backbiting, embezzlements, smoking, party spirit, etc are deadly viruses that you must delete immediately from your system if you do not want your system to crash. These things are called sin and the Bible says that The wages of Sin is death! But the free Gift of God is eternal LIFE through CHRIST JESUS.

I am an engineer. When hard disc stops functioning, people come over to me and report such computer systems. They bring those problematic computer systems to me. I will examine them properly. I will then pick up my window softwares and format the computer recovering vital and useful information on the bad window. After formatting it, I will put new and up to date anti-virus program on the computer system. I will then install VGA to make the system display to be clean and pleasant to view. The computer will start functioning like a brand new one again. It is now virus free. It will now respond very quickly to commands. No more slowing down again.

Now if I, a human, can do that to a computer that was not produced by me, don't you think God can do better for you because he created you? God can format your bad system but you first need to report it to God. That could be effective only when you approach the throne of mercy by confessing and forsaking your sins. Then accepting the Lord Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. 

When you have done that, God said A new heart will I give unto you and I will put a new spirit within you. That is newness of heart and spirit. That is like putting new windows into a computer. That makes it function faster. That makes your prayers answered speedily. That is newness, old things have passed away and behold all things have become new. No more viruses like sins. Hey! You are now a changed person. The Bible now calls you a peculiar people and a Royal Priesthood. Isn't that marvelous? It is wonderful. 

Just a prayer of confession and acceptance of Jesus can make that happen to you. A prayer of genuine repentance and completely forsaking those sins can move God to write your name in the Book of Life. Do you want that newness of life? Do you want God to move and write your name in the Book of Life? Do you want heaven to rejoice because of you? Then you will go to the Lord in prayer. Then you will confess those sins to God and completely forsake them. Ask Jesus to come and be your Lord and Saviour. Pray sincerely. 

If you have done that with your whole heart, I congratulate you. I would love to be your friend now that you are a child of God. Please just send me a friend request and I will respond quickly to it so that I can always chat with you and help in terms of counseling you. May God bless you abundantly in Jesus name. Amen.

By Thomas Ime.

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