Monday, 20 February 2017

Opinion: Where's the love?

Is on again!

For the past two-three years; from February to April; there are always unjust attacks on various foreigners across South Africa. And this is gradually becoming a pattern that many foreigners have observed in the time past.

Somebody in a position of power and authority in South Africa would has to say an unfair comment about foreign nationals and the next thing is violence in the air.

The past violence protests and riots in Rossentiville and Pretoria West, have not only caused Nigerians in particular; their property but also rendered many losing their source of income.

In Rossentiville, an alleged brothel owner who uses his den for illicit drugs peddling and illegal prostitution was razed down with fire by angry community members. Citing that the brothel owner occupies the building illegally, sells drugs and uses under-age girls for prostitution in their neighbourhood by some South African residents.

While the dust was yet to settle down, another similar attacks erupted over the past weekend in Pretoria West. This time it was an indictment, as some South Africans went on rampage on the early hours of Saturday morning; 18th February, 2017; according to our correspondence; forcefully breaking into Nigerians residencies to assault, loot, and burning down property of these people.
They claimed to be raiding down drug-dealers in the community and shutting down brothel operation in the area.

According to a report reaching us through an eyewitness correspondence who resides in the area but later fled because of his safety confirming the latest rumour of an impending attack on 24th February, 2017. In his own word, "this is a barbaric behaviour from some South Africans who I call my community members. I have to leave the area because my life is no longer safe as police officers watch these angry protesters assault, loot and burn down people's property!"

"The truth is; one of these victims is well known to me. We even grew up together in Nigeria. We often play football together back home. We later met in South African fortunately and in my few years of reuniting with him I have not seen him sell drugs or use somebody's else's daughter for prostitution; our correspondence concluded."

The fact still remains, while some Nigerians might indulge in some illegal activities of any kinds; many are innocent of these indictment claimed by these angry protesters especially some of these victims in Pretoria West.

Burning down property and destroying someone's source of income in claim of something that has not be proven to be true doesn't justify their barbaric acts instead it becomes an injustice from these perpetrators. And even if it has been proven to be true, they don't have the right to take law into their own hands.

Many Nigerians are considering retaliating but come to think of it; does two wrongs make a right? Some of these victims are pointing accusing fingers to the police of not protecting them while these angry protester stormed their residencies. You can look it up on Youtube interviews confirming this pronouncement.

Foreigners are often left at the mercy of their attackers and as a result property worth millions of Rands have been damaged over years. So what are they afraid to say? If South African community are sick and tired of foreigners (Nigerians); they should just say it it out loud and everyone would know what next to do!

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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