Saturday, 25 February 2017

Who to Marry: Beware of Prophecy

“I saw you’re to marry a man of God, the pastor foretold”.
Danielle was fifteen when she barely received this prophecy. At 25, different pastors kept coming her way but one particular one, James, stayed. James was a hard-working pastor in his local assembly, he also happened to be a family friend. By chance, he met Danielle and their relationship kicked off.

Danielle thought James was the fulfillment of the prophecy but their relationship took a different turn. Her relationship with God suffered lots of setbacks and she wondered if he was a true child of God. His characters were far from keeping the flocks, in the case of Danielle, he was rending her life.

He was uncaring, possessive and the control freak. He never had her time but too occupied with his pastoral work. “Are pastors not romantic?”, she wondered. Beyond confusion, she was still in love and she found it difficult to let him go because other men of God had confirmed that they were meant to be together.

Is God an author of confusion?

There’s no gainsaying to the fact that there are true prophecy and false ones. Both true and false prophecy had one thing in common, they’ll surely come to pass, it’s just a matter of time.

Marriage is an institution that you need to be prepared before you enter into it. You need God’s guidance, if you believe He can do it so that you can get it right from the start.

As much as there are true men of God, the fakes are without number. Marriage is more than allowing a prophesy to be your only yardstick in agreeing to marry a person. Have you carried an acid test on such prophecy? Don’t forget that who prophesied will not live with you in marriage, but you’d be left alone to face the music.

Here are the things you need to do provided you’ve being prophesied to about the kind of person you want to marry.

1. Test all spirits:
Not all spirits are from God. That a person is a man or woman of God doesn’t mean they operate with the spirit of God. You need to be spiritually sensitive to be able to test spirits.
What does your inner man says about the prophecy? Is it a prophecy that causes you peace or brings confusion? What’s the nature of the person that prophesied, does he or she have the fruit of the spirit or the works of the flesh manifest in their life? These and many more are the the ways to test spirits.
Don’t live your life based on what someone prophesied without confirming it from other trusted men of God or you bearing witness with it in your spirit. Test the prophecy so that it won’t ruin your life and marriage in the future.

2. Don’t idolize the prophecy:
No doubt some prophecies are true but it’s not enough to begin to act up the prophecy before its manifestation. If you’re told, say for instance, that your spouse will be a rich person, don’t start making yourself available for rich young guys or chasing rich ladies. That’s frustration and confusion.

The real meaning of the prophecy may not be for now but the future. The person that might even come your way may be someone that can’t afford three square meal but few years later, he’ll be feeding millions.

If you’re looking for the rich ones, you’ll end up missing God’s plan for your life if the prophecy was from God. You’ll live in confusion or chase shadows peradventure the prophecy wasn’t from God.
Relying on prophecy alone isn’t enough to guarantee you success in marriage. Until you’re sure and you’ve confirmed it to be true you’ll never enjoy your marriage if you depend only on prophecy. There are prophecy that has ruined lives and destroyed marriages.

Test all spirit to know whether there are from God. Don’t idolize any prophecy or act its fulfillment. Let time tell. If a prophecy is from God, your spirit will bear witness to it or others would help you confirm. Importantly, beware of prophecy. Real prophecy will never bring confusion or contradict God’s word.

By Adeniyi Tim Oluwamayowa.

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