Friday, 31 March 2017

Choose to live free: People in my community.

I recently have been asking some young folks this question;

"What would you love to do if all jobs pay the same amount?".

Framing the question in many other ways for proper understanding, I have received some interesting answers.

One girl answered *"I would love to be a photographer"*. Another girl answered at another time *"I would love to be an actress"*. I have received many other answers which tend to reveal the passion of these young folks.

Now the issue is this. Many of these folks are planning to study something totally different from their passion; medicine & surgery, Petroleum engineering etc. Some of them are very sound academically, while some are struggling academically. Their parents dictated for many what they should study.

What will eventually happen is that we will have many functioning where they were not wired to function.

Their choices were based on the dictates of society.

The society has classified some people as successful and others as failure. A medical doctor is considered a success, while a fashion designer is considered a failure. It has seen a banker as being successful and a teacher as a failure. A farmer is not rated high like an Engineer.

Money has played a major role in this segregation.

Many parents of course want their children to go for a high paying job. The value placed on the jobs determines how much can be earned. Who wouldn't want to go for what pays more?

I usually ask this question.

"If all your financial needs are met, what would you want to spend your life doing?"

In the process of seeking for money, many have forgotten about their passion. They only do what they do for the money. Many live to survive and not for impact. And I believe that is why we don't have great inventors in this part of the world.

And I do not blame the people.

Thinking about your poor family depending and waiting on you to graduate, there is the natural tendency to go for the money and not the impact.

Yes there is the tendency!

But I've discovered again that money does not bring fulfillment. Many have become very rich and could not attain fulfillment. They had thought fulfillment will come once they have all the money. But No! They weren't fulfilled.

Nothing brings fulfillment like following your passion.

I tell you today. Follow your passion. Even though there are many distractions, obstacles and discouragements, follow it still. What you have passion for may not be popular, follow it and make it popular. It may not look lucrative, follow it and make it lucrative. Don't let anyone make you become one of the many living for survival. Be a ground breaker. Do something new as you have imagined. Money eventually comes after consistent efforts.

Don't live by the success rules of the society. Choose to live free. Follow your passion.

Be free from their boundaries.

Be free from their limitations.

Be free from their imaginations.

Be free from their cycles of life.

Choose to live free.

By Samuel Ajayi.

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