Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Next Level: What's on your mind?

We all know what we want, hope and desire in life! But if you don't then you might have to simply start with drawing up your goal(s) in life.

While some have already completed that and are itching for what is next after that.I believe is high time you exchanged your gear for the best ride of your life to your next pinnacle.

You might feel fulfilled in your current position but the reality is that that is not good enough for you and you cannot call that success since your new level would further bring the best out of you.

For this reason I share with you 18 ways to let go and take life to the next level(

  1. Don’t take mistakes personally, use them as a guide. Each new day brings an opportunity for something different to unfold, you don’t need to carry your mistakes with you. Remember, you are not your mistakes.
  2. Life will give you mighty rewards along with the problems it brings. How you deal with those problems determines the reward.
  3. As you connect with others, take the time to remind them of their brilliance, their strength, their value to the world. Maybe they’ll take the time to do the same for someone else.
  4. Be honest. Are your actions and habits in sync with the vision you have for your life? Don’t wait for years before acknowledging you need a change in habit.
  5. Don’t let anyone or anything take away your peace. Some people are a great drain on your energy and some issues take a while to be resolved. Avoid those who drain you and manage the difficult events always in faith that both issues can be converted into a better reality.
  6. Sustained concentration of thought and action is usually the magical key to success. Maybe, just maybe, all you need do to experience greater fulfillment and joy in life is to keep your thoughts more focused on what you want.
  7. You can’t change everything at once. Don’t waste your time and energy. Choose one thing at a time to give your attention to and meanwhile, cherish the life you’re living.
  8. Don’t try and climb the mountain before you reach it. Focus on where you are right now, while you prepare yourself. No mountain is conquered without support, be willing to ask for help when you need it.
  9. Resisting feelings that feel bad won’t make them go away. You won’t change bad feelings by waging war on them, simply allow them to flow through you and replace them with something that feels better, something that feels more like love than fear.
  10. If your relationships aren’t so hot right now, look for things you can love and appreciate in others. Love is an incredible force, it can dissolve difficulties, challenges and negativity.
  11. Recognize why you want to do something. This gives you a clue as to how to do it. Knowing why brings greater clarity on how you’re going to get it done. And if you get stuck go back to your original purpose. The why. It never leads you astray.
  12. Silence isn’t always golden. People need to know you care, speak up. People need know when something doesn’t feel good to you, speak up. Silence often has a way of turning into resentment or disease.
  13. You can’t hire someone to go to the gym for you and tone your muscles. You can’t get someone else to meditate on your behalf so you can become enlightened. Some things in life require your participation. Choose the things that really matter and do them.
  14. They say we always hurt the ones we love. Don’t take your loved ones for granted. Never be too busy to give them the aspects of love that matter: appreciation, acceptance, and attention. Add kindness and consideration to love and you have a recipe for happy, healthy relationships.
  15. Don’t make choices and then spend the rest of the time complaining. If the choice you made doesn’t work. Choose again.  Sometimes it’s a choice between two things, neither of which are perfect. The time you waste complaining today isn’t going to make tomorrow any better.
  16. Every now and then make a decision that’s far beyond your current capacity to reach. If you don’t let the idea go, you’ll often find it comes to pass without you ever understanding how.
  17. It’s no surprise that we don’t get what we want when the number of  ‘no I can’ts’ outnumber our ‘yes I can do it’, a thousand to one. Repetition is a convincing argument. It’s time to remind yourself on a daily basis of what you can accomplish. You are always becoming the living result of your inner speech.
  18. Stop settling for life being a little bit better. You’ve been put on this planet to live your greatest life, be your most fearless self. Live on purpose, not by default.

"Be fulfilled by trying new things!"

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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