Monday, 13 March 2017


I remember when I was in primary one or so, I always go for competitions then, representing my school. The school has a driver who's very nice to children and the parents too, he was loved by many and so my mummy. Anytime I'm in for competition, he will always be the one to take me to-and-fro, I am so use to him.

One day, as a normal custom I was dressed to go for another competition. I went to his house, he asked me to sit while he dress up too. At a point, he draw me close to him, asking me questions about what I've read and pulled up my gown. He pulled my pant one side, tried rubbing my vagina and I started crying. 
Not because I knew what he's doing to me at that moment but my instinct made me realize that it is not normal. Thanks goodness that somebody knocked on his door and he stopped the disgusting act with me.

I couldn't tell my mummy thereafter, she might not believe me. In fact, nobody will believe me cos of his personality and as an elderly man. Since then I have created hatred for men, even though my actions rescue me sometimes from sexual assault I would have experience thereafter but then, I appeared like a possessed person towards everyone. It took me some time to reset my orientation.

Now, as a responsible man, you aren't expected to be enslaved by any curves or shape/enchained by the sight of opposite sex/act demonic by luring the little kids around you into all shades of insecurities.

A responsible and blessed woman is not expected to play with kids private part/to be always downed at every sight of erection/to willingly subject her body for sexual use.

If you've been abused sexually before, you can fight it and prove your stand because you are not a sex object. If you're being harassed(either once in a lifetime or still experiencing it) sexually, don't cover up and deal with the pains. Speak up! Your voice needs to be heard and fight for simply because you are not a sex object.

Your body is not meant to be profane; you are not a sex object,

You are the true definition of purity; you don't have to be dented with impurities, 

Your creature was meant to be holy 'cos you are created in Holy One's image; you don't tarnish His image, 

We are vessels unto honour and not instruments for impurities,

Anyhow, anyway, anywhere, prove to all by God's grace that you are not a sex object, never will you be.

I am pure by justification through Christ Jesus, 

I am a woman of standard value,

I have respect for sex organs, 

I have respect for God who created me,

I hold unto my morals, 

I cannot compromise my body for anything 'cos I am holy, 

I advocate for sexual purity, 

I hate abuse and fight against the abusers, 

I love my God's given precious body, 

I am Oladapo Testimony Victoria Yetunde , 

I am so Not A Sex Object,

I am NASO.

By Oladapo Testimony Victoria Yetunde.

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