Saturday, 4 March 2017

One Major Reason Why You Should Marry Him/Her.

“I’d rather marry a woman when I’m convinced and she’s convinced that we’re God’s will for each other in life than to marry for love or other reasons” – Anonymous.

People marry for different reasons, some weird while others appear good in the human sense. The most important thing about marriage is experiencing bliss and living to fulfill purpose on earth alongside companionship.

Some ladies marry a man because he’s “Tall, rich and handsome”, “Dark, funny and loving”, “Caring, romantic and friendly and so on. Some men would also go for the physically endowed, well mannered, decent and God fearing ladies. All of these aren’t bad but there are more to marriage than that.

It’s not impossible that some people even marry based on philosophies or different schools of thoughts. You hear them say, “Marry your friend”, “Marry who you love” or “Marry who you’re comfortable living with”. If all these were valid, then there shouldn’t be issues of divorce, separation or failed marriages.

Ever before I had the knowledge of this truth which I’m about to share with you, I’d also believe that it’s no crime marrying someone who has the fear of God, spirit filled and other good qualities you want in a spouse. But do you know that all of these could change in the future which you can never predict or foresee?

Here’s why you should marry him or her.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re ready or mature to get married. One thing that is important is this: “Are you both convinced that God is leading you two together in marriage as would-be husband and wife?” It’s a big question and at the same time it is unimportant to those who care less about the place of God in their life especially in marriage.

The keyword here is conviction. How are we going to be convinced that we’re to marry each other?
Know these truths…

1. Dating cannot get you the conviction, it will only confuse you.

2. Taking names to men of God will never help you but frustrate you.

3. You can choose to marry without God but the future of such relationship will be bleak.

4. You don’t keep an eye on someone and go to God for approval but you’d rather put your hope in God and wait for His approval.

To get conviction about who to marry, do the following.

1. Trust in God and don’t lean on your understanding. Don’t even have plan B.

2. Don’t keep idols. Adoring a sister or brother in mind while trusting in God will waste your time and increase your worries.

3. Pray. What you don’t know is better to be known from God who knows all things. Only God can reveal to you who’s right for you when you prayerfully ask.

4. Be patient. God makes all things beautiful in its time. He knows when He’d answer your prayers because you can’t bribe Him. Once you’re in a right standing with Him, He’ll answer you. Don’t allow impatience push you out of God’s will for your life.

5. Hear what God is saying. When you talk to Him, He’ll definitely reply through the means He chooses to convey information to you. If He didn’t say anything, keep asking until He makes His will known to you. Be sensitive, He might also say something through circumstances.

6. As He said something? Prayerfully confirm before you propose. Let others pray with you so that you don’t mistaken the voice of the flesh as God’s voice. If it’s God that’s leading you, others too will bear witness with the leading you have.

How will I know she’s convinced too? Once you’ve properly done your assignment in the place of prayer and confirmation, God will lead you and reveal you to her. God is not an author of confusion.

Are you on the waiting stage or He has shown you the person? Be convinced before you propose so that you can have a marriage where you will have God’s backing from the beginning to the end. It’s better to get it right once and for all than to make it right when you’ve gotten it wrong.

By Adeniyi Tim Oluwamayowa.

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