Monday, 13 March 2017

'TAKE HEED': (Your Approach to the Word).

"Take heed therefore how you hear..."- Luke 18:8a
Why many fail to live according to the word is not due to the absence of anointed preachers but their disposition to the word. Do you hear the word to live it or it only excites you? 
Apostle James told us to lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness and receive with meekness the engrafted word which is able to save our soul (James 1:21).
Pay close attention to how you hear the word when it is sown into your heart. Some heard the word and allowed the devil to take it away from their heart lest they should believe and be saved (Luke 8:12).
Some heard the word, received it with joy but it has no fruit in them, they believed it but at the time of temptation, they fall away (Luke 8:13).
Some, having heard the word, allowed the cares (what to wear, eat and drink) and riches (its deceitfulness) and the pleasures of life to prevent the word from bringing fruit to perfection in their lives (Luke 8:14).
However, only few who benefited greatly from the word are those whom with an honest and good heart, heard the word, kept it and it brought fruit with patience (Luke 8:15).
Hear the word to keep them and not just store up head knowledge. It's not the hearer of the word that would be blessed but the doer. This is why Jesus likened the doer of the word to a wise man that builds his house upon a rock (Matt. 7:24-25).

How can I be the doer of the word?

- Don't be a forgetful hearer
- Receive the word with meekness
- Keep the word (Ps. 119:11)
- Guard the word in your heart against satanic influence, excitement, cares, riches and the pleasure of life.
When you take heed to the word and you continue in them, you'll save yourself and those who hear you. The only way to remember the word is to live it!

By Adeniyi Tim Oluwamayowa.

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