Friday, 17 March 2017

Who to Marry: Catch Them Young.

Several years ago, I was at a bachelor’s eve party of a friend who did his party amongst the fellowship of brethren. As the event was going on, the compere ask the groom to be to explain how he met sister B. While he was giving an expository remark about it, he coined a phrase, “I caught her young” back in those days when we lived together in the same neighborhood.
The phrase didn’t occur to me as something significant not until I had an experience about it and someone also shared his own similar experience.
Does it really work? And if it works, should we still seek for God’s guidance on who to marry?
There are several traditions and philosophies in life which certain folks believe in their validity while some do not. I’m sure you might have come across some related to marriage as, “Marry your friend”, “Marry who you love and love who you marry” and also “Catch them young”. If all these had an atom of truth, why are we having failed marriages or relationships? I believe we have gotten it wrong somewhere.
God created marriage and only with His help and wisdom you can marry right and also have a successful relationship. Following human principles or pattern cannot guarantee you success. Although it may work but the future of such relationship is decided and would never survive the test of time when challenges comes in the future.
I know some people would relegate God in their decision making process when it comes to choosing a spouse because of the time to wait and the things to do to get Him to lead them right. Many would prefer taking the shortest route so as to get what they want and with the resources they have. But, there’s a way that seem right to man but the end is destruction.
Do you want to enjoy God from start to the end in your relationship? Do you want to marry right and enjoy what marriage ought to be? Here are what would happen if you catch an intended spouse young for marriage.
1. You would exempt God out of your search
Life without God is vanity. You may say, “He that finds a wife (spouse)” but do you know that there are several things you cannot find with your head knowledge? It will do you lots of good if you wait on God.
You cannot find a spouse yourself and will end up having a successful marriage. If you don’t make Him an Alpha in your relationship, inviting Him as the Omega would be possible, but much harm would have been done. There’s nothing as good as enjoying the ride (the search) with Him while He gives you His best.
2. You’ll waste your time and resources
I remembered I caught a lady young during my ignorant years. The truth of the matter was that I wasted my time on her thinking she was the one before God had to reveal His perfect will for me.
That it worked for some doesn’t mean it would work for you or it is the best pattern to adopt. Instead of having a futile investment on a relationship God doesn’t plan for you, it would save you more if you conserve those time and resources on building your relationship with God and developing other areas of your life.
3. You would chose for yourself
Imagine a boy who took a handful of sweet himself and was rejoicing as if he got it all as compared to if he had allow his dad to give him with his hand.
God knows the spouse that would be best suited for you now and in the future. Your best doesn’t equal his perfect will.
God deserve the best for you if only you’d not choose for yourself. Many people are oblivious of this. That he or she seem to have everything you want doesn’t mean that’s what God intended for you.
Don’t catch her young believing God will later give you His approval. It’s better you seek Him early so that you can get His best for your life.
Beware folks, lest any one spoil you with vain philosophy and traditions, after the rudiments of this world and not after Christ. Whether it’s to marry your friend or catch her young, trust in God completely if you want a successful marriage. God still guides those who trust Him. Wait on Him and be patient!

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