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Isa.55:8-9 – “I Don’t Think The Way You Think. The Way You Work Isn’t The Way I Work.” GOD’s Decree. “For As The Sky Soars High Above Earth, So The Way I Work Surpasses The Way You Work, And The Way I Think Is Beyond The Way You Think.”{Msg}

I Once Read A Post Written By Someone Who Was Arguing That Age Is NOT Just A Number. As I Pondered On All The Points He Listed Out, One Thing I Observed Was That He Wrote Out Of His Feelings And Thoughts But Most Often, God’s Thoughts Are Way Different From Ours.

You See, As Far As God Is Concerned, Age Is But A Number ‘Cos With The Lord, One Day Is As A Thousand Years And A Thousand Years As One Day{2Pet.3:8}. And Believe Me, Nobody Is A More Perfect Match-Maker Thank God Himself And He’s Never Limited By Age When Bringing Two People Together!

He Reserves The Sole Right To Permit 3, 4, 6, Or As Many Years Gap As He So Chooses(We’re Not Wiser Than Him); If It Pleases Him To Allow The Lady To Be Older Than The Man Or Vise-Versa, Who Are We To Argue It? Are We God? Do We See The End From The Beginning? NO!

One Major Thing I Need You To Know Is This: If It Is Really From God, Then Indeed Age Is But A Number BUT If You Want To Use Your Own Limited Wisdom, You Can Choose Your Spouse All By Yourself And Be Fully Prepared To Bear The Consequence(s) That Might Arise.

So My Take On The Matter Is This: Be Very Sure That It Is God Leading You And Once You’re Sure Beyond All Reasonable Doubt That It’s Him, Please Don’t Allow The Age Factor To Stop You From Following God Because You’re Really Not Wiser Than God; And His Plans For Your Life Are 100% Better Than What You Can Ever Plan For Yourself! Blessings!

N.B – Same Goes For Education, Height, Shape, Beauty, Charisma, Complexion, Etc.

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“Nevertheless, The Foundation Of God Stands Sure, Having This Seal, The Lord Knows Them That Are His. And Let Everyone That Names The Name Of Christ Depart From Iniquity”..{2Tim.2:19}

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