Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Those believers who are the most desperate and economically challenged will be the most likely potential victims of slot-machine Vegas-style Casino false prophets.

There is a nation in Africa with 80-90% unemployment that has become the breeding ground for some of these false prophets to start their ministries, exploiting the severe challenges people are facing daily.

God loves His people. He is a God of supernatural provision. And yes, He has used prophets to bless His people many times. And yes, He wants to bless His people. Jesus came and was anointed to preach to the poor.

God desires to bring His people out of poverty. He hates those who oppress the poor, the widow, the orphans and fatherless. It is His will to prosper His people.

The word of God is full of Kingdom principles one can learn and by faith implement for that to happen. It is His will.

But false prophets exploiting God's people and their challenges for their own gain is not His will. And one day God's judgment will severely fall upon them - if not in this life, then surely in the one to come.

Please do not be deceived. Trust God to work miracles in your life. You are sons and daughters of the New Covenant - there is provision in the Kingdom for sons and daughters of the King. Do not allow your desperation to have you make foolish decisions or follow false prophets.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness - surely everything you have need of then will be added unto you.

By Axel Sippach.

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