Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Our way to success is within our network.

(Success is what makes everyone happy)
Your way to success can be much easier if you tap into your network. Our success is within reach and not far off. God has a reason He settles us in a particular community and until we unveil the reason we are not ready to live a successful life.

As entrepreneurs; we often believe our gateway to top notch community change is outside our zone or we might have to go out of our ways to achieve it. To some it may be so but to many others is within reach.

Recently I was in a chat with some few friends that are changing lives in their own capacity and I often notice the zeal in them to be successful and as someone that is also in the pursuit of the same goal; it dawned on me that I need to look inside of me.


As young entrepreneurs we are scared of being laughed at and timid of sharing our ideas or endeavours with others in other to sample their opinions, build on it and make things better. The power of sharing is very powerful but be careful the way you go about so that people won't think or feel intimidated.


Study the kind of people in your network. Ask yourself some questions like: Are they going where you are heading to? Do they buy into your vision? And do your vision bigger than your network?

Study shows that people what to be involved in something that's big and that cares about them; most especially in the future.


Your plan has to be how you can involve some of your network members to be part of something great. It's almost impossible to convince everybody in your network to be involved in what you have going on but is  possible. Remember; "when there's a will there is a way!"

Your vision must be clear and your mission must be carried out accordingly.


Your action is taking charge of your dream, goals, and aspiration into play. You  must be ready to take a lion share of the yoke to arrive at your desired destination. You have to lead the way and others would follow suit. You can't be at the back and expect people to follow you. You lead by showing!


There are bounds to be short-comings; so make mistakes, learn from it and build on that foundation to be better. Sometimes fate controls our success into mistakes. If we don't meet with difficulty on our way to success then we are not in pursuit of it because inside is lessons to maintaining it!


"Success is what makes everyone happy!"

This is something that makes not only you happy but all your networks. If you are the only happy one then is prejudice.

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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