Thursday, 20 April 2017


I just like to share this. I have noticed allot of men of God saying this over the years but I have kept quiet but i feel I need to share this.

There are allot of false prophets that can tell you your phone number, account number, address etc. There are witches that can do likewise, because your enemy is aware of you and know details about you.

So do not be mesmerized by this.....BUT The true Prophets of God can also tell you these things but there will be a prophetic connection attached to the detailed information given. God knows you intimately so the details God can give you in prophecy can go deeper. But it is not to put up a show but to set you free or set you on the right course.

That being said. Please don't try to break the prophets because they know details about people and you cant do it. Teach your people discernment don't try to tell them when a prophet gives you information like that its not from God. There are places here in Africa where witches do miracles. Do we tell the people that miracles are not from God just because witches do them?

So if a prophet tells you details.

No.1 Discern by the Spirit of God before passing judgement.

No. 2 What is the spiritual and Prophetic connection of that information? You have the right to ask him/her.

I know my phone number sir/ma'am. So why you telling me this?

Lets teach our people properly. Jesus knew what Nathaniel was up to under the tree and so did Nathaniel. So just because you know something the prophet knows does not mean its not from God.


By Meredith Joel Cameron.

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