Friday, 26 May 2017

1 Neighbourhood 1 Building 1 Home (1N1B1H)

1 Neighbourhood 1 Building 1 Home (1N1B1H) is a research project that looks Civic Towers as a small representation of Braamfontein as a whole. 

The project is aimed at tracking the process of change happening in the neighbourhood and the current social trends.  

To do this, the project identifies the residents and their networks within the building to understand how different relationships are formed in a mixed neighbourhood like Braamfontein. By documenting the current status of Civic Towers we can unpack the process of change in Braamfontein and so identify what are the opportunities to be explored and the challenges to overcome with the current development of the neighbourhood.

The project also explores the idea of home and what it is that makes a space become home. The building and each apartment in it is merely a shell of the space that each of us recreates when we move in. 

During our time at Civic Towers we intrepid even the smallest living space as ‘home’ – no matter how short our stay. We are fascinated by the numerous lives that this shell holds. Unfortunately the research could not expand much on this area as we wanted to avoid respondents feeling uncomfortable with the questions. 

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By Urbanists For Equity.

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