Monday, 29 May 2017

My CHANGE Story.

Good day:

Family & Friends.

Allow me to share my change story which started as an idea in 2010 shortly after the world cup.

I understand that "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy idea."

In 2010, I had an idea to change the world by introducing a book that talks about it. 

Few months after the end of the world cup in 2010 I finished series 1 of my book.
Below is the total idea of what I am trying to achieve:

Series 1: Making the CHANGE Evident (Available on sale now).

Series 2: Seed of CHANGE.

Series 3: Power to CHANGE.

Series 4: The message to CHANGE others.

Series 5: The confession of a CHANGED man.

Today I am into a progressive realization of achieving CHANGE Series Book.

Make a decision today and better your life and do more and be more.

Buy Series 1 on CHANGE Series book titled: "Making the CHANGE Evident" by clicking on those links below.

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