Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Power Of Saying No.

In elementary science, we were taught that power is defined as the ability to do work. Do you still remember? And there are different forms of power. I'm not writing about science but something greater than science.
Oftentimes in life, many people lack the ability to stand firm for what is right but choose to please others at the expense of their own lives. Failure to know and do what is right will lead you to being used to accomplish what is wrong.
Do you know that your ability to say No in life will deliver you from lots of trouble?
The inability of some ladies to say No has led them to becoming victims of abortions, unwanted pregnancy, premarital sex, sexual immoralities, extramarital affairs and other vices.
A lot of young guys with promising future had kept the company of wrong friends and have their destinies destroyed because they cannot say No to vain persons.
Do you have the power to say NO?
The power to say NO is the power of discipline. The power to say NO comes from your knowledge of what you need to say NO to. For instance, many knew that smokers are liable to die young but they still smoke a pack of cigarette daily. If they know the damage a stick does to their respiratory system, they'll say no to every offer to smoke.
The power to say NO comes from your understanding of who God is to you. Joseph said, "Shall I do this great wickedness and sin against God"? He said no and fled the scene. He chose to suffer than to sin against God.
The power to say NO is received when you understand the consequence of an action not just the pleasure inherent in it. If you know that illicit sex does more harm than good, you'll never settle for the temporal pleasure it brings.
How informed are you about your life and destiny? Do you know what will undo your destiny if you say yes to it? Let me even ask you, "Do you even know why you're here"? Do you know where your will end in eternity?
If your answer is not positive, you'd say yes to everything that comes your way.
Dear ladies, are you the type that says yes to every man that comes to your for a relationship? "Let me see if this one is the Mr. Right"? Some would sheepishly say. If you say yes to every touches, gifts and care, then you'll live an ordinary, destroyed and wasted life.
My guy, are you a woman wrapper, big boy without brain, sooji guys without impact or you keep a band of purposeless friends? You better make your manhood a blessing and not a curse to the society. If you say yes to everything they call you, you'll live an unfulfilled life.
Do you even have the power to say NO?
Say No to premarital sex, it'll deliver you from the consequences that comes with it.
Say NO to sexual immoralities, you'll never be burned with its flame.
Say NO to friendship that adds no value to you, so that something valuable won't be taken away from your life.
Say NO to fornication or adultery, so that you can fulfill your purpose and have your destiny fulfilled.
Say NO to pleasure, so that you can enjoy your tomorrow.
Say NO to youthful lust, so that you'll not live a beggarly life in old age.
Say NO to frivolity, so that you can live a fulfilled life.
Say NO to pleasure today so that you won't struggle to live tomorrow.
Say NO to wasteful spending, so that you won't beg for bread.
Say NO to procrastination, so that your life can be well managed and ordered.
Say NO to over sleeping lest your poverty comes like an armed man.
Say NO to foolishness, and seek after wisdom, knowledge and understanding that comes from God.
Say NO to prayerlessness, so that you won't become a prey to every circumstances in life.
Say NO to worldliness, so that you can pursue eternal bliss.
What you fail to say NO to today will become your master tomorrow and in the nearest future.
© Oluwamayowa Adeniyi 2017

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