Sunday, 21 May 2017

Zip up Ladies! Don’t become a Victim.

It’s saddens my heart to see ladies; the learned, illiterate, Christian, non-Christian, exposed or conservative to lament over what is become of their fate in their relationship.
I often wish I can reverse the hand of time so that such wouldn’t have happened to them. But it’s usually too late. It may not be too late for someone reading this.
Ninety percent of those who became victim in their relationship are mostly women. This statement is valid.
Take a personal study around you and you’ll also discover this truth.
They are the ones who often becomes abused, used, cheated, hurt, suffers emotional wounds and the likes.
See, men has few things to suffer but the bulk of it lies on the women folks. No one says having sex is bad but having it when you’re not prepared for what might likely come out of it makes it bad.
At times I feel like giving them a knock on the head but I’m only left to pity such naive women. Pardon my grievances!
Many ladies would still be a victim this week, month, year and in the nearest future. But to those who wouldn’t want to be…
Zip up your heart and skirt. You know why?
1. Who bears the pain for being made pregnant?
A friend of mine wrote recently that “I’m pregnant ought to be a thing of joy for a man who’s ready and proud to be a father and not the one that will yell on you or call it a thing”.
But when you unzip your skirt and allow him make you pregnant. He’ll put the whole blame on you that you’re not smart or that you lured him.
2. Who have to go through an abortion whether through the use of pill or the removal of the foetus?
“Oh baby, you cannot keep this thing. You’ll have to remove it”, he whispered into her ears while she’s in a state of confusion.
Before you see this movie becoming real to your face, it’s advisable that you run for your dear life. Don’t prove your love to him through sex or show him that you love him by giving him sex.
3. Who bears the pain of being disflowered?
It often do not reflect in a man’s body that he’s no longer a virgin. But you as a lady, there’s a sag in your breast, your hymen is broken, you loose your virginity in the arms of a man that only wants to use you for pleasure, you’ll suffer the guilt and condemnation and so on.
Count the consequence rather than the five minutes pleasure! It’s never worth it, I tell you.
4. Who suffers the shame for becoming sexually loose?
The society we live in hardly blame men for being promiscuous but every hand points a finger of blame on the women.
Not only that, he’ll tell his friends of how he was able to get you in bed, what he did and what he costs him. He’ll even sell you over to his friends so that they can auction you for the price they already know.
Think with your head and don’t be carried away with his false care.
5. Who is made a mother when she’s not prepared for it?
Who knows if your parents wouldn’t allow you abort the baby? Or that a prophecy might come to you that you shouldn’t abort the baby? Or that the doctor might even suggest that you do not abort it because it’ll cost you your life?
And when this happens, who suffers it the most?
He’ll even pick up himself and start a chase on another lady when he knows that you’re pregnant.
Be wise and don’t be naive.
How I wish I can pen down more reasons why you should zip up as a lady rather than face the consequences for your ignorance.
It’s better not to experience the consequence of an action than to become a victim or a survivor.
The Yorubas would say, “Oju apa o le joju ara”, meaning that the scar cannot be the same as the normal skin.
Zip up your skirt and heart. Unzip it for the man who have every reasons to deserve your body, life and future when you’re fully persuaded that God knows about him in marriage alone, not before or outside marriage.

By Adeniyi Tim Oluwamayowa.

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