Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Battles Every Singles Must Fight and Win in their Relationship

King David in the Bible fought all his battles and won them. He became a champion at a very tender age for defeating the champion of the Philistine, Goliath. But unfortunately, he was defeated in a battle he couldn’t win and this brought calamity into his life. Do you know your battles?
Battles are fights or contest which a person engage in, often with an enemy or forces that would impede one’s survival in life. Most of these battles are not physical nor spiritual but they are battles which you must fight against flesh and blood.
David could win physical battles but he lost completely to the battle of covetousness, adultery and murder. As singles, are you aware of the battles you must fight? Sin is one enemy you must fight and overcome. That you’re a Christian doesn’t make you a winner. Infact some Christians are ignorant of their battles that’s why they become victims.
You may escape some battles as singles but if you fail to conquer them totally, you’ll be defeated later in the future. What are these battles?
1. Lust
“When lust is conceived, it brings for sin and sin when it is finished, it leads to death”.
There are many things that singles often lust after. Lust is desiring a thing just for its immediate satisfaction or pleasure. Some single men would lust after fair complexion ladies or one particular thing in a woman. Even if they marry another woman who have that thing or don’t have, lust will still carry them away.
Ladies likewise could also lust after men who are talented or carried away by certain things such as how caring, hospitable or by mundane things.
If you fail to conquer your battle against whatever you lust after, that thing will destroy you when you’re married.
2. Peer pressure
We all have friends and they’re able to exert their influence over our lives. However, it is not of how many friends you have but of which influence they have over your life.
Have you won the battle over negative influence from peers? Some people have been influenced into alcoholism, smoking, premarital sex and other destructive habits. You’ll have problems now and in the future if you’re still vulnerable to peer pressure and it’s influence.
3. Indecision
As unstable as many waters, so it is for a man who lacked the power to make decisions for himself in life.
Many singles had followed wrong decisions in life for their inability to make right and firm decisions for themselves. Some had indecisively marry someone they do not want to, some couldn’t make right decisions concerning their career or to get out of a wrong relationship.
If you find it difficult to take stand for yourself, you’ll stand for nothing in life. Know what you want and stick to it. When you lack a strong self will and discretion in making right decisions, it will affect your life and future.
4. Time management
God has equally given both the poor and the rich the same measure of time. What you do with your time would define the state of your life.
How able are you to manage your time? If you still find it difficult to manage how to use your time effectively, you will never make progress in life. Lots of singles are faced with a decision of choosing between pleasure and productive task. Some cannot say no to pleasure and embrace the positive use of their time on something that would add value to their life.
Chatting on social networking sites, surfing the Internet, spending hours watching movies or TV program is a sheer waste of time when something would have been benefited. Are you able to utilize your time or pleasure has mastered you?
5. Priority
There are two categories of people in life: those who have priority and those who don’t have. Some people’s priority is to enjoy life to the fullest while some is to make impact in life.
Have you won the battle over making what matters in life to be your priority? You cannot win the battle over failure if you do not live a purpose driven life. No matter how much of money you make or influence you have, if you do not live the life God wanted you to live, you’re a failure.
Fight the battle to know what purpose you’re here to fulfill otherwise you’ll leave the world without making any significant impact.
Importantly, the battle every singles must fight and win is a battle over sin, flesh and worldly influence. No matter the height you go in life, if you don’t win these battles, your success story in life will have a stigma.

By Adeniyi Tim Oluwamayowa.

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