Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Your voice is the only thing you have!

Your voice is something unique and is a pity many people do not realize that. And if they do, why many people allow it to be shut down?

There are numerous reasons to someone allowing his voice to be compromised, shut down, pocketed and so on but no reasons worth the value of your voice.

Your voice is even recognized in heaven even if you are in a multitude your voice means a whole lot. Your voice can represent your identity, your brand and personality. Nothing compares to the value of  your identity, brand and personality but is a pity few people know that!

Even if you are a slave, or in prison or a less privilege person in any society; your voice counts and makes a difference any day time. The moment you let anyone, any group of people or any organizations suck up your voice then you are bought out and your living makes no meaning!

Therefore, be careful which kind of people you have around you, what kind of organization you represent or join as this is very important. If you realize you are part of an organization that manipulates your voice, or doesn't want your voice heard or trying to control how you say things as long as what you have to say is ideal, beneficial, educative and is not done out of hate, racism or demote human standard; I believe is worth sharing.

The moment your voice cannot be heard and another man makes your decisions without your permission then your existence is worthless.The only value we have is the one in our voice and the only power we carry is the one in our decision.

Don't let anyone take them from you!

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo..

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