Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Tears of joy rolled down her cheeks as she posed for a photograph. Betsy had always wanted to be a Doctor and here she was, it was her Matriculation Ceremony . Clad in a black suit and white sleeves ,she exclaimed -"Yes! I want to be a Doctor! It has always been my childhood dream”. She was just one step up the ladder in achieving that goal, as she had officially become an undergraduate -a Medical Student in a Nigerian University.

From her first year in Secondary School ,Betsy always IMAGINED that someday she'd be a Doctor. She had always VISUALISED being clad in a Doctor's attire -a white lab coat and her stethoscope dangling down her neck. Betsy's goal was to be a Doctor who will create health awareness about basic killer diseases affecting Nigerians and reduce infant mortality rate alongside giving free treatment to the less privileged. It was a dream, it was a goal , it was a long term goal - one spanning a period of seven years .Her passion to achieve her goals became resilient and firmer daily. 

Betsy DECIDED to take her studies seriously as she was constantly reminded that Medicine and Surgery is a professional course. Betsy was so PASSIONATE about her goals that she was often seen mimicking a Doctor's attitude in the hospital with her improvised stethoscope checking her patient's heartbeat. 

During the Career Day, all Betsy posed as was a Doctor -cheerfully singing "I am a Doctor in my Country". On these days ,she got the opportunity to ACT the Doctor she dreamt to be .

Betsy was FOCUSED. She never lost sight of her long term goal . True, Betsy had other goals too, basically -short term goals i.e. weekly, monthly ,or termly. Every term Betsy made a RESOLUTION to be the best in her class . It was a resolution she strengthened daily through HARDWORKING and in the place of PRAYERS. 

Finally today is Betsy's Matriculation Day! She's a step closer to the fulfillment of her childhood goal - TO BECOME THE DOCTOR SHE HAD ALWAYS DREAMT OF! 

At this juncture majority miss it , here they CEASE DREAMING and become relaxed because they think they're almost there. Alas , they flop! They come crashing with a heavy thud! They fail awfully! They know not why they failed!



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