Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Opinion: Conspiracy - The state of mind of people.

The picture depicts a man in the midst of conspiracy.
Photo source: Similo Maphosa.
See for yourself:

Go outside the street across our land; what you see is the state of mind of the people. When a group of people come together against another or when a group of people stand against one person.

This is common. It doesn't have to be unlawful or harmful to be a conspiracy. Once people gang up against another for no just cause in other to justify a justifiable or an unjustifiable motive, selfish interest, a common goal of a group to another one in order to damage the person or group of persons outside their motive, selfish interest, common goal and or deliberately, and or in-deliberately harming the other is conspiracy to me.

Even if the motive, the interest, the common goal of the group conspiring is right is still not right to conspire because nothing right comes out of a conspiracy. The whole idea is stark evil!

You don't have to agree with me, is a common nemesis nowadays in most organization especially in politics, institutions of learning, corporate world and gradually finding its way into religious groups.

Then who is in or out?

Today, in the history of South Africa, our political ground would be tested on this litmus paper that would reveal the state of mind of majority of the people. There have not been peace in the political water of this country for far too long. The one that led to the first president of the country not to run for second tenure in office, to the one that ousted the second president out of power and to the very one that is currently stirring the state of mind of the people against the third!

You can choose to oust a leader out of power democratically. Yes, it is legal and just if found right, lawful and harmless to the state of affairs of a country. There is more to running a country than what many people know, do and follow but the point is; once our mind is corrupt as a nation our decision is not healthy!

There would always be a person or a group of persons that would complain about another person or a group of persons, especially when it comes to leadership, or the style adopted by a leader, but we have to be careful not to allow a person or a group of persons with biased complaints to storm the boat of leadership because leaders are chose to lead. Complaints in forms of protests leading to vandalism, violence, peace disruption are no fruits of a state of mind of people with right mind-set.

No other man on a ship can captain it afloat except the one(s) qualified and when the ship sinks there would always be a rescue boat but how many can it contain?!

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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