Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Singles keep asking me the type of apartment that is okay for them as a newly married couple: a room and a parlour, 2 bedroom flat, 3 bedroom flat or a duplex.

No one wants a single room apartment though!

It all depends on your income, planning and vision. For instance, if you have a vision of becoming a multi-milionaire in the next 7 years but at present, your total income is 50k below.

Rent an apartment you can CONVINIENTLY pay for without prayer and fasting or running to your parents for help, have enough to feed you and your bride plus a baby and save the rest for investment towards your future while working hard to make more money and move into a bigger apartment.

Better still, build a house of your own!

If you copy the Jones, you are looking for trouble. Do according to your pocket. A room apartment self contain with your own kitchen, toilet and bathroom is okay like wise a duplex in VGC, it all depends on what you have.

Do not be covetous, start small and grow big.

You can't live in a single room with your children though.

Ask God to bless you before babies start coming.

God bless.

© Seun Oladele

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