Friday, 8 September 2017


I understand that there are different breast shapes and sizes, I won't be going into details so some guys won't be masturbating! (I can't help smiling) Ah! My articles just always give some people headache! Lord have mercy on your daughter!
Seriously, if you have never been caressed, fondled, sucked and squeezed, go and sleep, there is nothing to worry about! We all know big breasts wont be pointing forward, we know it bends low, but definitely not sagging! The way some people talk about sagging makes me wander whether they went to school at all. Look up your dictionary or Thesaurus for the real meaning of sag.
There are women who after having children will still have good breasts, yes, but definitely not firm and in good texture like that of a virgin -we all know there is a difference. There are some after having several abortions still have good breasts, sure! We all know, they don't have hymen, they have been broken through regardless of how their breasts looks.
Some say breasts looking like towers is absolutely unrealistic. The word of God is never "realistic". I got that passage from Songs of Solomon 8:10. Ask the Lord to explain what that passage really means.
Yes, breasts can fall out of shape due to improper care but definitely, not sagging. Sag means "a downward curve or bulge in a structure caused by weakness or excessive weight or pressure". Another one says to "sink, subside, or bulge downwards under weight or pressure or through lack of
strength". Another one says to "hang down loosely or unevenly". I want to focus on the word "downward" and "weakness".
A virgin's breasts shouldn't look downward with nipples pointing to the earth like that of your great grand mum. No matter how it bends or drops, it should not completely face down. It shouldn't also hang down loosely or unevenly, neither should it be weak. Regular squeezing makes it weak. The texture of breasts that have been squeezed is different from the one that has not been touched no matter how it looks.
I've once said my breasts looked flat as a single lady still in school because I had no money for good bra and was skinny due to acute poverty! I was suffering from poor diet and bad packaging. One look at me you will think I've had at least 2 kids but whenever I removed my bra, my breasts were different. They were firm and in shape but the bra kept giving them a very bad testimony. Thank God hubby didn't focus on the chest when he came proposing. With good diet and good packaging later, it looked it's shape.
While breast feeding my second baby, my shocked mother-in-law suggested she would give me a stool to place my leg so the baby's mouth would reach the nipples. She wasn't expecting the breasts to be firm and pointing forward after having a second baby. Some women used to look at my chest shocked, one even exclaimed to the point I got embarrassed and had to wear bras whenever I had visitors. Baby has stopped breast feeding now and its not the same as when I was single. The texture is definitely different. You can't expect the breasts of a mother to be as firm as the breasts of a virgin -it's not possible!
No matter how it looks, if you are still a virgin, that is enough proof you are in shape. Virginity shuts the mouths of doubters and haters so no need to lose your head and if you are not a virgin, repent, stop having sex and give your vagina time to close back and get tight. Regular sex makes it weak and lack elasticity (I will write more on that later).
Of course, there is more to marriage than good breasts and virginity. A man should focus on your character not just your body and enjoy what God has given him in marriage.
Nevertheless, it pays to stay untouched till your wedding night. You will save yourself lots of headache and worry. You will be at peace and your husband will definitely be proud of you. I hope I have been able to clarify myself. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!
© Seun Oladele

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