Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Some ladies narrated how they lost their virginity and two of those ladies said they were the first to ask for a kiss and were blaming themselves profusely for leading the guy on. I smiled broadly on reading it and promised to do justice to the issue.
Listen ladies, that guy had sex with you because he wanted to, not because you kissed him! He was even the one who made you kiss him in the first place! How? You asked, weren't you the one falling over him, smooching and practically begging him to lay you? Nay! He had done accurate work on your emotions, consistently, persistently, silently, subtly, excite or arouse your emotions to the point that you were panting for him, wanting him, needing him and very eager to have sex with him. I explained this in details in my article: PLAY BOYS.
These guys are masters at using words and deceit. In your conversations, he had been so romantic, making subtle requests and suggestions, leading you and moving back for you to feed on it. He may say, "You know Sue, you have such sexy lips. I wonder how it will look like if you were to kiss your husband on the wedding night." Or "You need to show you love me baby, I just can't do without feeling you so close." Or "having you in my arms will melt my sorrow Abekky, I need you now more than ever." Or with subtle suggestion: "While thinking about you yesterday, I just thought, how will it look like if I can just kiss your fears away my love, I need to let you know how much I love you but, never mind," he lied "I won't ask you for sex, not even a kiss, you are a virgin and I must preserve you though there is no big deal if we kiss, it's not a sin, the Bible even say we should kiss each other with a holy kiss..."
The idea of kissing, romancing and foreplay has been consistently dumped in your head without asking directly, you were so turned on that when you saw him you could not help experimenting with all those trash he dumped on you so you asked for a kiss and what did the lust possessed agent of satan do? He forced you into the act, raped you and them heaped all the blame on you. He tells perverts like himself you led him on, you seduced him and jumped on him, if you hadn't ask for the kisses he wouldn't have done it and the whole world is busy blaming you for being lousy and cheap!
I won't exonerate you, you shouldn't have put yourself in the situation in the first place. I've preached countless times you shouldn't waste your time on a guy who keeps asking you for sex either directly or indirectly. For you to be attracted to that kind of person and stayed in that relationship shows you have strong moral issues. You lack personal principles, your values are shallow and you battle with low self esteem nevertheless, you shouldn't blame yourself for what some lusty guy did to you. You were not the one who forced him to rape you with AK-47 pointed at his head, he raped you because he wanted to, period!
I've heard of ladies who seduce guys. These are demon possessed ladies who are hell bent on hunting a guy down, they also use all manner of emotional manipulations like Delilah Did to Samson. They use praise, admiration, affection, love, care attention and gifts and if these don't work, they move to skimpy, seductive wears while parading themselves around you and if you still prove stubborn, they out rightly ask for it, you still prove stubborn? They get you drugged or rape you at gun point! Yes women also rape!
How do you escape from this mess? Choose your friends wisely. Not all gentle men are gentle. Not all caring ladies are godly. There are so many wolves in sheep's clothing. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, allow him to guide you and if you find yourself in a hot zone, don't waste your saliva explaining the scriptures, just disappear unless you really really want the sex. Read my article NO EXPLANATION for more details.
If you walk with godly people, your virginity will remain intact till your wedding night. They will protect you and never see you as a sex object or descend on you at any slight opportunity but if you walk with dogs, be ready to eat faeces. "He that walketh with the wise shall be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed." Is what the Holy Bible says. 

© Seun Oladele,2017 

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