Tuesday, 12 September 2017


"Mama, your write up: END THE RELATIONSHIP! really blessed me. I always have a confirmation to your write up and the decision to end all relationships came to me earlier this month. And in that process I decide to visit one of my toasters because he is helping me to get a job. Although I have long decided I won't go there but not to sound ungrateful I decided to go briefly.
When I got there and we started talking, he started making advances at me and I knew I was in for trouble so I decided to go but the more I stood up, the more he came holding me back.
I decided to preach to him that what he was doing was wrong, that we are not married and Bible condemns touching unmarried person. He sat down as if he was accepting my preaching only for him to come on me like a ravaging and a hungry lion trying all he could to have access to my body. The more I tried to push him away, the more he was trying hard to press me down. I heard myself saying "Jesus, what have I gotten myself into today?" All my plea telling him to stop what he was doing fell on deaf ears because God knew I didn't go there with bad intentions. I was struggling to get him off me when I discovered that he was trying hard, I just put my teeth on his shoulder and I bit him hard and he had to let go of me. I stood up like a confused dog, Picked my things and adjusted my hair and told him how disappointed I am.
He tried stopping me saying that it's been very long he slept with a woman and that he finds it difficult to resist me, that I should understand and that I'm the only one he has and truly loves and that any time he sees me, he is always happy and that was why he wanted us to have fun together and play since I don't agree to be coming around. I told him I will do something worst than bite if he tries to come near me or try to stop me.
I then remembered one of your message where you said if the man is hell bent on having sex with you no matter the amount of preaching you preach his mind is not in it, he will not listen.
Before I left, I told him that I thought he was a good person that I can trust but from his actions he has just succeeded in telling me that he can never be trusted and that his actions or more like that of a rapist. And that what he did today has really and will cause him something that will affect him greatly. So when I saw this write up today, (on END THE RELATIONSHIP) I laughed and I told myself, "thank God I have decided on this. Instead of a man to rubbish me before marriage is better I avoid it now and allow God's will to prevail". Point number 4 in that post really described him very well. Thanks so much mama, may God bless you."
* * * * * *
Oh my darling sis...I'm so proud of you for standing up for what is right. God is proud of you and he will give you a man who will respect you, honour you and wait for you in marriage. 

God bless you.

© Seun Oladele

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