Friday, 8 September 2017


Why are you so worried about your looks? Why do you wish you are fairer, have bigger breasts, tiny waist and chair shattering buttocks? Are you so distressed you have short hair and wish to make it longer? As a man, you feel so bad you are short, pot bellied or too tall and thin? That's called low self esteem.
Excuse me, your body structure does not define you. All brains come in the same colour and size but you determine how high it functions, that is where your focus should be. Real attraction goes beyond your body! Real attraction is in your attitude, confidence, achievements and success. The more positive, hardworking, confident and result-oriented you are, the more attractive you will be any day, anytime!
Do what you can to be attractive but never change nature or you damage your body and regret it for life!
You can trim your brows as a lady, wear moderate and decent make up, comb or make your hair regularly. Always appear neat and tidy. Avoid over sized clothes that make you look older than your age, wear fitted clothes but not too tight. Always sew styles that fit your body structure and learn to smile. Smiling ladies are automatically attractive!
As a man, be neat, presentable. Brush your hair, trim or shave facial hair. Your hair cut should be something that fits you. Maintain your skin colour, don't bleach. A bleached skin is a big turn off.
Learn to smile from your eyes. Smiling guys are super attractive. Smiling husbands are super sexy! I love it when my husband smiles at me...oh my...oh my... (I'm holding my chest)...
Neatness automatically makes you attractive. Once you are clean from head to toe, you are good to go.
You are perfect the way you are. Never compare yourself with anybody, NEVER! Your body structure is exactly what you need to fulfil your destiny on earth. God didn't make a mistake when he created you that way -you are to fulfil purpose with it and don't bother your head about not being attractive to your spouse, when your real future partner comes, they will love and accept you perfectly the way you are. In fact, you will be stunningly beautiful and attractive to them.
When I was single, I thought I was ugly with a big set of teeth, flat chest and back and kinda short. I was topping my class anyway so I had some confidence and charisma. Hubby completely lost his head when he met me. He constantly told me I was the most beautiful woman in the world (honestly, I sometimes think that guy is blind) and with his tender care, regular sex in marriage, childbirth and eating lots of amala with ewedu, my cheeks and curves have filled out. (God bless my husband)! It's none of my business if every man on the road thinks I'm ugly, as long as my darling finds me hot and super sexy to him, I am contented.
Every other lady may say my husband is ugly, that's their business. As long as I see him as the sexiest, most handsome man alive, his world is made!
Don't kill yourself because of your body structure a beg. There is more to life than shaking heavy buttocks all over the street. Users may get attracted to you, use you till they get fed up and pass you to someone else, leaving you emotionally wrecked, but a godly man focuses on your heart and character which makes him love, cherish and value you forever!
Don't give yourself headache over your big stomach as a man, do all you can to bring it down and if it ain't coming down, trust me, there is a lady who will fall madly in love with all part of you. Your stomach will be one of the reasons she finds you so sexy! Don't worry about being short, your woman will go crazy for you despite your height. I've met average height or short men who are absolutely stunning and handsome. Beauty my brother is in the eye of the beholder.
Lastly work on your vision, education, career or business. When you are successful at what you do, everyone wants to identify with you, know you and some would want to get married to you. We all want to identify with confident, successful people so make success out of your life.
Success is not in how much you have in your bank account but how much progress you make in your life daily. May the good Lord grant you understanding. FEEL FREE TO SHARE. God bless you, cheers!
© Seun Oladele

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