Wednesday, 6 September 2017


In African setting, once you get married from or to a family you're automatically marrying the rest of the family. 

You've some level of obligation to fulfill. For spouses to enjoy their marriage without having conflicts with in-laws, they must apply wisdom in handling them. 

There are ladies who wish their mothers in-law are dead simply because they don't want problems; little do they realize that someone else who wants to marry their brother is also wishing seriously that his mother is dead! It's unnecessary to begin to think that way; this is what to do:

1. Exchange parents, adopt your husband's parents while he adopts yours.

2.Love his mother and tolerate her as you would to your mother while the husband does the same.

3.Gifts should be sent to both parent anytime need arises.

4.Regulars phone calls should be made to both parents to know how they're doing.

5.Befriend each others parents-don't be a total stranger, show some care and love.

6.Don't paint your spouses black before your parents no matter what.

7.Praise your spouse in the presence of your parents.

These and many more will keep you at peace with your in-laws and make your marriage blissful. Remember to do to others what you would they do to you! Remain blessed.

By Tilekaa Dennis.

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