Monday, 11 September 2017


Men who sleep around lack focus. Men like this rarely succeed in life. I'm not talking about getting the combo and cruising in Ferrari, I'm talking about the success that impacts and change the world positively!
Men who sleep around are not serious. Some of them don't know what they want in life, they move from one unserious woman to another!
Men who sleep around lack sound vision for their lives. They don't have a future. The ones who try to create one copied or stole it from someone. They lack genuine ideas and initiative. They are always stretching their neck to see what someone else does and copy it or steal their ideas.
Men who sleep around are sex addicts. They can sleep with anything in skirt including their mother, sister and even dogs on the street.
Men who sleep around lack intelligence. Some of them are dull. They can't discuss anything meaningful for an hour without breaking into annoying mannerisms!
Men who sleep around have dysfunctional relationship with women. They can't commit to one woman with all their heart. Their heart has been shattered into pieces by the numerous women they sleep with.
Men who sleep around don't know how to have sex. Whaaaat? Yeah! They don't! They are masters at 5 minutes quickies and jump to another woman.
Men who sleep around are terrible husband materials. They are a curse to their wives.
Men who sleep around commit adultery in marriage . They sleep with their wives' sister, friends, maids, mother, etc.
Men who sleep around like women a lot. Once he sees a woman he begins to x-ray her down to her pants!
Men who sleep around are acute, incorrigible, unrepentant, blatant liars! They need to keep telling the lies to cover up their fairy tale stories.
Men who sleep around have terrible curses on their head! Curses of all the virgins they deflowered, curses of all the ladies they murdered through abortion, curses of all the abandoned children sleeping under the bridge, curses of all the ladies whose heart have been broken and unable to get married, curses of men whose wives you deflowered, raped and dumped before they met her.
You need serious deliverance if you have ever deflowered any lady or impregnate anyone and dumped her, you better go and beg her and ask for God's forgiveness or you never make it in life!
Men who sleep around are a bunch of disaster going somewhere to happen. Their lives has been so messed up by all the women they've slept with.
Men who sleep around never have happy wives. Their wives are filled with sorrow, low self esteem, fear of the future and jealousy for all his unseen mistresses who make marriage miserable for her.
Men who sleep around don't die old. Most of them die young. Fear, high blood pressure, paranoia, demonic possession from their demon possessed girl friends usually kill them.
The list goes on and on...
Whenever we encourage women to keep their virginity and keep chaste. These men like to jeer and shout "tell them!" I pity your life!
This woman with God's mercy can still shake off her past, build her life and find a godly man to marry who will clean her up and make her a stunning personality and a big success worth celebrating all over the world, but you? You are the leader in the relationship! No woman can help you unless you help yourself and be willing to be helped.
It's not too late to get your life in order and ask God to give you a new beginning; you just can't continue like this, your future is at stake. Repent fast before it is too late my brother. This message is specifically for someone reading this: REPENT, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. 

May the Lord grant you understanding. You can share on every man's wall to bless them. God bless you, cheers!

©Seun Oladele

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