Wednesday, 20 September 2017


After reading my article on YOU WILL NOT GET BORED in marriage yesterday, some said I was not being real. I seem to be living in cloud 9 and no good marriage exists without fighting and hullabaloo. One even claimed to be a marriage preacher/counsellor and he's been in the business of telling his mentees the "truth" about marriage for a long time.
The world's standard of marriage is none of my business, God's standard is my business. My neighbour's marriage is not my yardstick, God's word is my yardstick!
God originated marriage so I get instructions from Him. You can't be carnal and have a good marriage. It takes being holy, fully obeying the word to have a good marriage.
Must you fight your spouse? Must you keep malice? Must you cheat on your wife/husband? Must you have an affair? Must you steal and tell lies? Must you drink and smoke? These are what destroy marriages! Sin should be ABNORMAL to a born again Christian, holiness should be NORMAL to you. Fighting, abusing, criticizing, condemning your spouse, hatred and lust shouldn't be found in your life as a child of God talk less of unleashing all these vices on your spouse, these are what kill marriages!
The problem is people don't want to obey the word. They want to enjoy sin and still have a great marriage, how is that possible?
The Bible says "husband, love your wife like Christ loves the church...." Does Jesus abuse the church? Does he criticize, judge, condemn, fight, beat us and cheat on us? What else is the problem?
When you submit to the lordship of Jesus, does your relationship with him become bitter? Nay, it becomes sweeter. When a wife lovingly submits and a husband selflessly loves, the result is bliss. All fights are unnecessary, they are the result of selfishness and ungodliness!
Of course there is no perfect marriage, no perfect wife or husband exist, I've said that countless times. Everyone has weaknesses and we should work on on our weaknesses daily.
There are challenges in life, that is normal. You have misunderstanding with people including your boss at the office. I've written about that. (I don't know why some people enjoy listening to problems and tales of woe than focusing on bliss as God intended it in His word), all these shouldn't make us misbehave and treat our spouse wrongly. I used to wander why more marriages are breaking despite more marriage preachers springing here and there. The reason is simple. More people are climbing the pulpit to teach people the wrong principles that put their own marriage at jeopardy. No matter how anointed anyone sounds or looks, if what they preach is not in agreement with the word, you have every right to throw it away.
Whenever I talk about my husband, some feel I praise him too much. Praise? I'm simply stating facts about him. You can't hide the truth for a long time especially when writing, you will eventually spill it out.
My husband loves me like Christ loves the church and makes marriage heaven on earth for me. He is a God-man, a Bible-man, a man with an active conscience who obeys the word and hates sin. He doesn't keep malice, doesn't tell lies, doesn't lust after women, doesn't have a single female friend and is a role model to me and our children. He is a great giver, forgiver and lover. When a man loves his wife genuinely, she has no choice than to submit to him.
The devil will test your love. Challenges will come but in Christ and obedience to the word, you will overcome.
I am not a messenger of woe! I am a messenger of love, joy, peace, bliss, hope and deliverance. That is my business, that is what the good Lord asks me to do. May the Lord grant all of us more understanding of the word and how he wants our marriage to be in Jesus' name. 

© Seun Oladele

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