Wednesday, 6 September 2017


"My breasts are like towers..." The Shulamit woman told her lover, King Solomon. She also said, "I am a wall..." These made King
Solomon’s respect for her soar.
Let me explain this scene to you, SINGLE LADIES. Shulamit was a raving beau and king Solomon's testosterone always burnt hot each time he saw her. He wanted to lay her. Shulamit appreciated his advances but let him know that she was a wall, meaning, she was a virgin and her breasts were standing firm and erect.
I want to be very graphic and frank with ladies here. A single lady's breasts should be firm and
erect (of course there are different breasts size and shapes, but you shouldn't be flat, very soft and sagging). Too many young ladies go about with sagging breasts and they had to use all manner of push-up bras to pack it up.
If you are UNMARRIED, you should have firm breasts standing erect. Your breasts should be
like towers. It is the pride and glory of a woman when she stands before her husband on the wedding night, strong, firm and in
If your breasts are sagging, what made them sag? Who sagged them? Who are the guys squeezing, rubbing, sulking and milking leaving you all flat and out of shape? At what age? 15,
16, 18, 20, 25? Where is your pride, where is your glory, where is your honour?
She also said "I am a wall..." she is not easily penetrable. Your husband shouldn't find your
door swinging opened on the wedding night. Candidly, penetration should not be an express road; straight, easy, no obstruction, no nothing! On the wedding night!!! That memory
of your first sex with your husband will stick to you forever.
Are you already an opened door? Who opened you? Is the door so wide men look at you with disgust after every act? One guy was so

disgusted he asked the girlfriend to dress up and leave. It was like she just delivered a set of
twins 2 weeks before. The door was not only widely opened but over stretched and....Lord have mercy!!!
Who opened you? One of the pride and glory of a woman is her virginity, chastity and purity. A strong body image affects your self esteem in a great way. Too many ladies walk about with damaged, shattered and broken self esteem because they've been opened, squeezed, used and abandoned!
It's not too late. You can start all over again. Repackage yourself.

Gather the pieces of your life together. Raise your head with pride and say "No, I won't
open my door again until I'm properly married."

You will attract a man who respects your decision, marry you beautifully and honour you forever.

© Seun Oladele

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